Friday, September 18, 2015

Scavenging For Chicken Parts Food In The Garbage Dump At Bazar Road

I shoot this dump every morning in order to awaken the soul of Mr Ajoy Mehta head honcho BMC ,,One day I am sure he will see it and make amends . understandable that this is a market dump but can it not be managed without making it a eyesore for others who walk pass this place..
The local representatives the lone Congress Corporator have never seen this as civic sense in this part of Bandra is not as important as Pali Hill Bandstand or Carter Road..
Now imagine the Bandra Slums a few notch below this area .. the Bandra Bazar Town market will one day collapse held on bamboo beams .. and than perhaps everyone concerned will wake yup..
One thing I am sure if by chance PM Narendra Modiji visits the house of BJP Mumbai President Advocate Ashish Shelars house this garbage dump will have a huge screen with a banner welcoming our dynamic Prime Minister .. no garbage no garbage dump.. for sure till that time we suffer , and those who see my garbage pictures day in and day out suffer too..this is a lone bloggers battle ,, and luckily I am not documenting any murder crime ,, standing outside Khar Police Station.. lol

Najma 3 Year Old Muslim Beggar

I have been documenting Muslim beggars as a storyboard of pain , Muslims those rich wealthy Muslims will be buying expensive goats not one but many and the ostentatious display of wealth is how I see it ,, for charity they distribute exercise books but if they educated a few girl children this lady and her child wont be begging on the streets of Bandra every Friday .

I began shooting Najma the Muslim child beggar much before she could say Allah Ke Nam Pe Do .. she was very tiny and her mother protected her from the rains sun within the folds of her burkha .

Now Najma is 3 year old , she has come a long way , her father cannot provide for them so they beg..and there are two mother and child I have documented in this lane near my house ,both my granddaughters have shot them too ,,one of them has a son.. Nerjis was a toddler herself,,

I will shoot her video but I was in a hurry I gave her some money and these are after thoughts on a blank post ,, I am posting these words at Facebook...and my posts are all marked for friends I dont write for Facebook faceless members ,, but everywhere else my posts are Public,,

And than I wonder all those sanctimonious Muslims who post sweet GIFS of a Happy Jumma ,, do they know there are Muslims that have never felt a Happy Jumma ,, socially or spiritually ,,they sit and beg ..hoping for their life to change , but the chances are very bleak.. only miracles can change their lives and we are the miracle if we help them in whatever way possible .

Earlier I shot Muslim beggars gave them money too but now I talk to a few of them.. I also know Hindu beggars who wear the headscarf and the hijab beg on Fridays and believe me I feel equally sorry for them , and they know I know but I dont mock them , simply because necessity is the mother of invention.. I give them money too.

I could have tweaked this picture made it arty by making it a BW .. but I let it be ,,see the colors of drabness the colors of despair the colors of hope begging on the wayside ,,

Juma Mubarak to you from Najma and her Mother ,,

Wa Zillah Manto Shaho
Wa Izzo Manto Shaho


I am on Flickr since 2007 I am following 2000 people and I have 1800 followers , I am blocking over 1500 people ,,for no fault of theirs they have fetish for porn..and I cannot add them I mean I understand artistic nudes but hardcore porn is beyond me ,, than I block those who add me with fake names and no profile photo ..I have had some great friends very old friends and they got out of hand using me as a punching bag because of their fucked dried up sex lives or whatever megalomania I blocked them too..

There was a person a typical Bengali shooting landscapes a part poet and he got upset seeing Naga cocks on my Kumbh pictures and got nasty in his comments I dumped him too.. I mean I dont understand when you add me you take me with the baggage of my quirks idiosyncrasies ,,I dont demolish a persons character because of the pictures he shoots ,,you want to see some of my images but are not happy with the the cultural ritualistic bloodletting scenes I shoot beats me ,, Fuck dont you read a persons profile glance his photostream.. before adding him and I am saying this to a Flickr member ,,

A lot of people add me first I check the profile ,it maybe very tame flowers or a single picture and his favorites will be a rhapsody of genitalia I block him..I block all transgender , hijras others not that I have any issue with them most of the stuff on their timelines is gross even as nudes ,, I am not interested in you silicon boobs or your negligee pictures ,,and you going down on anything with two legs or four legs ,,

I am not interested in your religious profile ,,it hardly bothers me ,, but dont dump it on me I am not interested ,, and initially I took a lot of rap for my Shia pictures , I was abused called foul names but than I am happy being a Shia I am not interested in your pristine Islam that kills more Muslims than God kills accidentally or naturally.

This is my soliloquy it is not addressed to you..its my voice trying to come out from a trapped moment in time ,,

I have an average of 35000 views everyday on my images and despite the fact that the biggest views once upon a time were on my Hijra pictures , the crossdressers and the Mumbai Pride ,, I locked it all up threw the key away. Now I shoot all this as a documentary not for titillation or voyeuristic reasons ,,There are people at Flickr who add me certainly not for my beggar pictures or my shit garbage .. and I add them back though I dont shoot will never shoot what they shoot ..
I type with one finger of a permanently damaged hand but I make it a point to scroll those on my contact list.. friends only at Flickr I favorite pictures I comment on pictures ,,

Here I hope you all will forgive me I have a very few people whom I know thoroughly well on my Facebook Feed I cant go through 2000 peoples list and out of the 2000 very few are photographers ,,and I am here as a photographer ..but a photographer who is a hardcore blogger ,,and my text book of photography is my Flickr feed .. I learn get inspired from the diverse works of my friends ,, I have some great photographer friends .. some old dear friends from Buzznet ,, but two people I really am influenced by at Flickr are Eric Parker we connected because of my Chor Bazar pictures in 2007 and the most stylish impeccable street photographer Akbar Simonse from Amsterdam .

I mean I would kill myself if I had to shoot the camera club kind of shit that they preachify through their brochures and newsletters I dont want to be another KG Maheshwari ,, I want my own intrinsic style and pictorial thought ,,I am changing with the times ,, I started shooting stills as moving pictures storyboard because I was inspired by this Chinese guy shooting 500 tea drinkers and he continues .. 

I am not a photography teacher I shoot as I talk as I breathe .. it all comes from inside and as I am a loner in the crowd I taught my grandkids not to shoot photography like other photographers shoot no Fuck F Stops no text book,.. I taught them the only thing right hold the camera like you hold a slippery fish in your hand pictures will take care of themselves and than I realized the only granddaughter I never taught anything Zinnia Fatima 3 year old can shoot pictures as good as Nerjis and Marziya.

And I am blogging this at Facebook.. thoughts coming out from a clockwork orange .. If I stop photography , stop shooting pictures I will be stilll producing pictures and thoughts by tweaking images from my Flickr archives 350000 of mindless thoughts posing as visuals ,, And I almost puke every morning when I see the DNA paper and few other papers .. I need not say anything sometimes the pictures in the papers cant even speak a single word.. 

We in all humility have been influenced by the pictures we saw in newspapers now it is full of crap.. barring a few ..and I demystified the way I saw my world through the camera I trained my grandkids by letting them shoot garbage ,, and now they even see God clearly ,, even if it is at Mount Marys church,. or the Ganesha pandas that Nerjis will shoot in a day or too.. 
I would go berserk posting GIFS ,, and other shit that I see here on Facebook what beats me you could be as creative with your mobile phone ,, 

if you only put your heart to it ,, 

Now I will search for a picture to add fuel to fire 

Hooked yes ,, blog line and sinker

Have Faith Will Travel

Since the time Maha Mandleshwar of Juna Akhara Swami Avdesh Anandji gave me his personal card at the 29 August Shahi  Snan Nasikh Kumbh 2015 I have added it on the reverse side of my Press Card ,, I have two one to shoot Hindu events and another simple smaller one for other events like Eid Namaz Moharam etc,,

This picture was shot by my dear friend Hemant Sawant of Ganesh Color Lab Lalbagh.. I keep calling it a shop but it is a full fledged photography studio..

And with this lot I end my Lalbagh Chya Raja First Day Darshan after that I shot the streets and headed to Ganesh Gully Raja , from there to Tejukaya Raja ,, I shot of both Tejukaya and Lalabagh Chya Raja now uploading at You Tube ,,,

After this marathon shoot I had a single bata wada ,,,some water ,,,I needed some sustenance though I avoid street junk food.

The Ganesha Pandals around Bandra will be shot by my 4 year old granddaughter Nerjis Asif Shakir ,,, she loves to shoot Ganesha Bappa Morya,

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