Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Now Getting Ready To Leave For Makanpur .

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Shall Pray For All of You ..Incase I hurt anyone of you intentionally unintentionally accidentally please forgive me spirituality is more human than I am I have to walk my own spiritual path I limp but I won't use you as my crutches and I can never be as religious as you are belief is cleansing myself ..perhaps I can't be as devout as you are ..I can't be a bigot I can't be anything but me I did not come to Facebook to shove my religion my faith my views up your throat ..I tried not to spam you or tag you ..The only time I did was when i cut my head and bleed that is my prayer ..But I took you to the Kumbh to your Church and to your childhood through my pictures of Bandra .
All those of you who joined me recently as a friend of Jalal Kazim please be aware I cannot be a role model I walk bare feet on quicksand ..I cannot be boxed in or pigeon holed to any religiosity but yes I am not an atheist or an agnostic ..I was born in the womb of a Shia mother and I am happy with the love of Hussain as Humanity that she bequeathed me ..
I deleted friend requests because first I don't know you ..your profile was a blank and I am not good at filling your blanks .
After adding me you are free to unfriend me here on Facebook no issue ...I am happy with Less is More .
And all my posts here on Facebook are for friends only .
Happy Morning From Bandra bazaar ..
Dam Madar Beda Par .
Picture shot by my Begum Sahiba
The only backbone in my spine ..