Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ahmed Ali Doing the Sufi Kaif

Chatti Celebrations at Peersaab Fakhru Miyas House Hujra No 6

This was shot on the eve of Chatti cebrations at Peeersaab Fakhru Miyas house , there was a Qawawali programme in praise Imam Ali and Imam Hussain and Khwajah Garib Nawaz.

This was attended by Peersaabs family his friends relatives and guests.

His eldest son Farid Miya was the host and his grandson Ahmed Ali dd the Kaif.

The chief guest was his newest grandson 6 month old Hyder Abbas son of his daughter .

I was not in good shape I shot part of it and left much before it got over early hours in the morning.

His grand daughter too was adding support to her favorite granddad.

Char Yar Masjid and Cemetery Abode of Dam Madar Malangs

Dam Madar Malang and the Rafaee

Peersaab Noubat Ali Head of the Rafaees Char Yar Ajmer

Ajmer Urus 2012

Hijras of India At Ajmer 2012

I shot some of my lifes best hijra pictures at Ajmer this year .

I shoot hijras with a clean divine passion but because my hijra pictures were stolen by Flickr members misused , I have decided not to show my new lot to the general public.

Only a handful of friends at Flickr can see them as the viewing option is for friends added by me.

I shot new pictures of Naina I shot the boldest pictures of Raveena hijra .. I shot Soma the most attractive dusky hijra beauty.

I shot hijras dancing on the streets at sandal of the Delhi Hijras , Kamini Raveena and Laxmi Narayan Tripathi,

I shot niyaz for the Holy Saint by the Delhi hijras , I shot private moments I shot hijras everywhere in their boudoir and I shoot hijras differently..

I shot hijra bawas I shot hijras at the Jashn and Kajal Khusra from Panipat gave me a silver coin I shot hijras at Pushkar.

I shot a hijra novice only 16 year old waiting for his final entry into the fold of hijras , dressed in whites , I shot Ma Madhurima my patron , I shot Laxmi Narayan Tripathi my hijra guru , we were meeting after a very long time ..

I told her about a few Flickr members who steal my hijra pictures take over the identity of my hijra subjects lure the kids into becoming hijras or run a hijra prostitution den at Flickr using Yahoo hijra groups as the conduit.

She is going to look into this as oot gives a bad ame to the hijra community that is peaceful promotes humanity.

And so this tiny thumbnail is only a sample of what I invigoratingly shot of the hijra ethos hijras at Ajmer 2012.

I shoot a new hijra kid Mahi , the most beautiful and innocent child caught into the throes of gender confusion.

And for once I am happy I wont lift the curtain on my hijra pictures at Ajmer .. go eat your heart out.. Sapna CD Raveena and Nirma the hijra picture stealer.

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