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Comment Moderation -Word Press

Comment Moderation -Word Press, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. This is comment moderation, controlling your comments through your dash board,a person can write a comment but it will not get published on my post till I moderate it, I can approve it or delete it or add it to Spam.

It saves me from hyper tension, I was away and a posted comment full of hate was read by everyone as it happens here at Flickr, so I have to block the shit head and ..

At Word Press I dont have block the ass head I simply add him to Spam.

Now Gregory Collins is a metaphoric poet at Poem Hunter a great surfer and a lover of Humanity..he and I were good friends till the racists got together and gang raped me my poetry on all three fronts..because I was colored , I was heading the top 500 as Love Poetry Hate Racism, was among 7 as Firoze Shakir and about 35 as Hubcap Shit head , these were my three avatars..

So to cut a long story short my IP was blocked , I was shown the door as the whites had …