Saturday, February 15, 2014

Water Water Water

uncle is leisurely
pleasurably taking
a shower the child
is waiting for his turn
since almost an hour
.little girl is waiting
for water to drink..
like a thirsty flower
timeless tragedy
our dreams sour
disembodied dour

Mama When Will Good Days Come

when will our
purposeless life
become wholesome
we the living ..dying
on the streets
dreaming of that
Messiah who will
come touch
us heal us
bring back
joy in our
lives ..dead
defeated numb
as we beg for
leftovers crumbs
will we always
be under another
mans thumb .
chaos confusion
bursting our
ear drums
as our bad times
throws tantrums
adding to our
problems .. oh
mama ..we are
children of
gods crumbling
slums dies
another blossoms

Dedicated to my dear good teacher photographer Mr Thomas Hawk