Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Muslim Beggars God Forgot

Muslim Beggars God Forgot

Over the years
with the humility
of my cosmic lens
the plight of muslim
beggars all over my
city i shot ..muslim
beggars that god
accidentally forgot
searching for hope
was this their cosmic
plot muslims will get
busy now appeasing
Him slaughtering goats
that huge amounts will
be bought ,,skins some
left over flesh will be
 given to the beggars
this is their fate and lot
on the streets homeless
they rot ,,is there someone
who will speak about them
in parliament ,,none not
even modiji i can spot ,,
kill me attack me not
dalits ,,the biggest nautanki
statement on the soul of
humanity we got ,,

this is politics before states go for
elections,, it says it all so what

on the face of society even rich
muslim consider Muslim beggars a blot