Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Aviary Sucks My Bad Luck

Aviary is down
my poems my blogs
now on hold my face
envisions a frown
urban brown
aviary support
curt rude
their silence
Flickr customer
care cuts a sorry
figure as unresponsive
no answer no sound
as i go round and round
mouth gagged hands
bound framed within a
frame photo shopped
pathos ..a blogger
waiting to be found
art in the background
pain in the foreground
a lovelorn poet hits
the dirt ..sardonically
satirical profound
Venus on the mound

Jesus And The Muslim Beggar At De Monte Street Bandra

Our representatives that we voted to power locally  never really did much for this area an extension of Bandra Bazar Road ..This area is a gaothan , once a fishing village owing its ancestry to the earliest inhabitants of Bandra .. The East Indians .And as this area once belonged to the Portuguese it has its remains at a cornerstone a few blocks away from this place ,, it is a grotto and Novena is held every Wednesday.

I stayed in De Monte Street for some years , and I still pass by my old house and remember it fondly , I meet Mrs Gonsalves even now,  a widow   her daughters settled in Canada , her son died tragically.. This are was marked with cottages and fruit bearing trees under the pretext of repairing and in collusion with builder politician municipal rogues , the entire cottage would be pulled down and inits place ugly monstrous buildings hurriedly instructed on iron channels came up first was ground plus one , than surreptitiously it became ground plus two..

And when the rains came the building badly built wept , water seeping in all the rooms and disaster for those living on th first and second floor westerly flats..

We left it despte the fact there were no buyers for this kind of utility , my wife sold it for peanuts and today the same place costs a fortune , and at unimaginable rates..

This was my first house in Bandra after living on rent everywhere during the riots and this was bought after we managed to sell our pagree house at Danpada Khar Danda after going through the 93 riots and its after effects on our lives specially the children.. and all this mayhem under Congress rule .there are deep wounds but we have left them behind .

There are a lot of beggars on this stretch , yesterday I saw a new girl sitting tat Boran Road , and  two old faces . There is another burkha clad lady she sits where the leper lady Maria used to sit.

Jaffar Bhai and the other Old beggar I shoot have disappeared too.

However there is a lady from  good house  she walks with a stick , she was a BJP supporter , but now she begs outside  Globus .. and a wheelchair beggar with a mobile phone he too stays at Bandra Bazar Road begs at the same place .

Ever since my grandkids went on a holiday I hardly move out with my DSLR ..I shot the Marriammen cheek piercing feast both at Nehru Nagar and Madraswadi .. that was the only time I used my Canon D60.

Now each time I go out I shoot pictures on my Motorola G.. a big change , but I still get the big picture and better results , the DSLR is a frontal attack the Motorola G is unobtrusive so to speak.

It has rained this morning , and it will be a break from hot humid weather , I keep shaving my head unable to bear the heat and humidity.

As I am a diabetic it gets worse for me , I change my Tee every time I come home , bather 4 times a day.

Yesterday I went for my eye check up, at Holy Family Hospital a very long wait , and when Dr Anil Dudani eye specialist saw my eyes he said my cataract was under control and I had to keep my diabetes in control too.

The ayurvedic l medicine Neeri I have been taking since 3 weeks for my gallbladder stones... drinking barley water every night .. there is a Koranic verse dua that my wife recites  before making me drink the barley water.

And Zinnia Fatima my third grand child came home last night from her vacations gave ma big hug..

Waiting For Hope On The Sidewalk

she sits silently
gestures with
her eyes
her eyes talk.
.people see
her walk..hearts
made of rock..
a few give her
some coins ,,,
her doomed
destiny all
doors locked

this is the fate of a
neglected muslim mother
you should not at all
be shocked ..she begs
round the clock


your state is soon
going to be the newest
rape capital of india
an insult and a disgrace
after every rape you
offer rs 5 lac..
the humiliation
loss of honor
justified by your
reward to the victim
who loses her life
family loses face
the rapist  supported
by your crooked cops
a system defaced
buffaloes of your
minister are more
important than
safeguarding women
their fall from grace
netaji condones rape
boys will be boys
scars on the surface
you are not in danger
are you what a catch
phrase ..janta apko
maf nahi karegi ..
modi sarkar waiting to
throw you out put
you in your proper
place the saifai tamasha
your foreign junkets
law and order
misplaced ..

soon your party will be lost
to Indian politics without
any will be
forgotten replaced ..

Her Husband Used To Drop Her At Bandra Hill Road To Beg..

This is what I was told by the caretaker of the Parsi Temple , and it was a very sad sight .And some time Muslim women  uneducated illiterate are married of early without their parents checking on the grooms antecedents and the next thing you know she has been married off to a lout..or an older man  as second wife ..

There are are so many cases and society just watches from afar ,,spreading Islam ins more important than removing the impediments that are bane of society..

And so I shoot the plight of Muslim beggars to bring their existence on the streets to the fore..

we are all just prisoners here, of our own device’

We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!