Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Did Try The New Photo Experience

is important
for progressive
but this new
change according
to me makes no
sense confusing
jarring my forbearance
as I am more a blogger
than a photographer
more intense ..not
bound to the vagaries
of camera or lens
my mind perhaps
more poetry ridden
less dense ,,,,
so do what you have
to do.. at new Flickr
we are under capital
punishment ..
pictured imprisonment
feelings of your
over rated developer
without our sentiment
over split milk do
we need to repent
a thought callously
cogent ..my camera
my blogs neither on
hire sale or rent

cleaning my ear ..of beeswax with good intent

Bolo Durga Maiki Jay

bolo durga maki jai
ma aur mamta se
kya badkar koie
cheez hai..bhagwan
ki surat main basi
hai ma ki seerat
bolo ma ki jai
kya koie ma magroor
hai.. ma se mili zindagi
sansein sanskriti
bolo ma ki jai
hamari kismet
hamari takdir
hamara mukaddqar
ma hi ma se hai
bolo durga maiki jai
bolo durga maiki jai

Sometimes I Wonder ,,,If I Was Not A Photographer What Would I Be ..

the camera
came in my
hands very
shaking hands
trembling actions
led me to photography
the drunken bottle with
a grimace on its face
watched me furtively
alcohol induced stupor
broke its spell god
saved me ,,, pictures
pathos poetry,,
what i saw
is not what
you see
so this gift
that cured me
now rests in the
hands of my 3
marziya nerjis
zinnia ,,dreamers
unlike me ,,

what came first the camera the vision or photography
if you ask them they will rob your soul magically

Lalbagh Chya Raja

waqt ruk badalta gaya
ham tasvir maauj ki
tanhai ki khichte gaye
lehron ki lipat main
ham kho gaye
neend se jage
phir so gaye..
khabon ki duniya
main khichte gaye
pairon tale kate
bhichte gaye
ham girte rahe
ham chalte rahe

Lalbagh Chya Raja

neend se hame uthate hain
ganesh ji jab khab se bahar
pravesh late hain.. ek nai
soch ek nayi kalpanik
tasvir hamari tasvir
par likhate hain...
ham jag jate hain

creating a new
thought through
the mystery of time
my rhyme not lagging
behind ,,moving emotions
subtlety sublime ,,,
i am creative says
the silhouette of my soul
as is wanders into the
corridors of my mind

Pictures are Timeless Ageless

Pictures are Timeless

Moments Shot Felt Experienced


I wrinkle every second ..

But the revolving gallery

of emotions poetry pathos ,,


I am hope of the Aperture .. Soundless

Click of the Shutter ,,, More Or Less

What my Mind Saw Through the Window

Of my Cosmic Consciousness

I have in all humility

Tried To Express

Good Bye Mother

you came
wiped away
pain remorse
tears ..crushed
evil with your
we now
await you
come soon
next year,,
durga maiki jai
chants of love
peace fall on
our ears ..
as the time
for you to
leave your
loved ones
draws near

Subho Bijoya ...

Dhaker Awaj holo Mridu, Mayer hasi holo Mlaan,
Ebar Mago biday tobe Asche bachchar abar hobe,
Sabai ke Ma rakhis sukhe,
Bijoya hok MISTI MUKHE.