Thursday, May 23, 2013

i opted for photography so i could share my world with you

he wont play cricket .. spot fixed fate

someone thinking i was a fakir bought my breakfast gave me rs 500

he bought
my breakfast
an omelette
hot and warm
gave me rs 500
placing it in my
palm ..a beggar
poet i took his alms
he said bawa please
pray for me my beloved
tears in his eyes
moist and calm
but hearing
the ringtone
on my black berry
he sped away
ashamed alarmed
i held his money
gave it to another
beggar asking him
to pray for lovers
star spangled
braving storms
he looked
khwajahs dome
offered salaams
it is hope humanity
that is islam
your turn too
will come
just be calm

Aurat Ki Kahani Aya Budhapa Luti Jawani

The Hindu Niqab

You Will Never See My Hijra Pictures Shot In Ajmer Urus 2013 ..

And all because people have blatantly stolen my hijra pictures here on Flickr posted them as their own without my permission..

So you wont ever see my new lot pictures of Naina Raveena and others .. I shot hijras at Ajmer last year too but only I can see them..I shot hijras at Maha Kumbh bathing in the Ganges I shot hijras in trains I shot hijras at Haji Malang but none of these will ever be shown to public..

And people who stole my hijra pictures can go fuck themselves dry.. no hijra pictures from my end.

Mustafa Bawa Rafaee

The Beggar Boy Without Hands

He Said A Few Words To Me In Silence ,,, New Flickr Sucks

is gamble 
you take it 
or leave it 
a tumblr 
full of luck 
over brimming 
with billion bucks 
hands free emotions 
cosmic fate all stuck
some flowers have fragrance 
some flowers have thorns 
some flowers you dont pluck 
some flowers bloom in muck 
some flowers crushed under trucks 
i died before i could bloom 
call it my destiny or pure bad luck

We Cry Because We Dont Have Gloves Till We Find A Boy Who Has No Hands

Some Beggars Shoot Me Much Befor I Shoot Them

The Pillars of Wisdom And Me

I am a Dam Madar Malang

At The Feet Of The Guru Lies The Gates Of Wisdom

Dam Madar Malangs At Ajmer Urus 2013

Dam Madar Malangs At Ajmer Urus 2013

Shooting Him Was Shooting God And Godliness

I shot him about three years back .. three frames as my feet were burning , I shoot barefeet , than the next few trips I never found him , this was yet another accidental mystical meeting,,, shooting beggars in Ajmer is very tough , the moving crowds both ways dont allow you to sit squat and shoot, they are in a massive hurry and this is the main Dargah road , so I shoot without manipulation or mind I simply shoot as many frames but all single frames ..

I paid him too generously , but will that change his life, those that give him a few coins too wont change his life.. those who get richer at Ajmer wont give him prosthetic arms ..I dont know his name , where he comes from , I shoot beggars mostly Muslim beggars ..

And his innocence hits me hard , he is not coarse rough , he comes from good poor parentage , and he keeps them happy earning for their livelihood.

I could pen a poem ..add to the creativity of my thought , but it would still be redundant.. you can fill his beggar bowl it will still be empty like his handless life..

Chatti Jashn- Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra No 6

Farid Miya Gaddi Nasheen Hujra No6

Ali Imam Manasto Manam Ghulam E Ali

Ali Imam Manasto Manam Ghulam E Ali
Hazaar Jaan E Girami Fida E Naam E Ali

Haiderium Qalndaram Mastam
Banda-E-Murtaza Ali Haastam
Paishwa-E-Tamaam Rinda Nam
Ke Sagay Koo E Shair E Yazdanam

Kabhi Deewar Hilti Hai, Kabhi Dar Kaanp Jata Hai
Ali Ka Naam Sun Ker Ub Bhi Khaiber Kaanp Jata Hai

About The New Flickr - Beggars Cant Be Choosers

beggars cant be choosers
a thought comes to mind
gradually changing
the flickr interface
people would not mind
kicking the butt
of flickr pro members
was being totally unkind
flickr is flickr because
of efforts of pro members
a thought to remind
please bring back the
old flickr as the new flickr
sucks wake up
please dont be blind

Think Flickr Think

all over cyberspace
you have caused
a great stink
new flickr sucks
from asshole
to eternity is
what i think
a great masterpiece
blotched up ink
old flickr timeless
effort of all pro flickr
members gone
down the sink
you blew it
this time ..
did you by
chance have
far too many
drinks a billion
bucks for a
rotten tumblr
a deal all jinxed

Farid Miya Gaddi Nasheen Hujra No 6

Good Old Flickr Flushed Down The Drain

in mourning
all pro members
we collectively
feel their pain
its all about
big bucks
a billion dollars
to buy a tumblr
of useless grain
instead if flickr
allowed us to sell our
pictures charged
a percentage
they could put
Getty all stock
agencies out
of business
a better bargain
but than the think
tanks at Yahoo
wont screw tumblr
but have screwed
us Flickr pro members
badly bruised and caned
good old flickr flushed
out forever .. you guys
have lost it gone insane

dedicated to a brother poet posey

 they simply should let you and I and all the others sell our images if we choose, they take a small % and that would be that, they could put Getty and all the others out of business , but they have not a clue.. posey