Saturday, July 25, 2015

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. ~Rumi

He Is The Local Drunk Of Our Area

He is normally in a very shitty state , reeking of booze , bedraggled and he is our local drunkard , he sleeps on the roads and I meet him on my walks , he needs money only to drink at the local country joint at Bandra Bazar Road .

They should ban all country joints ,,because this s where death comes rolling on a chariot, it takes away the drunks who were the sole breadwinners too.

Well I am happy with the bans this government imposes , its their prerogative they have unanimously elected by the public,, which public you dont have to ask, the public that has brains , disappears to Alibagh Goa on voting day and than the blame game starts .

There are two more years before the civic elections they dont have time to check their names on the voters list ,, on the day of voting they will be screwing the brains of the election officer if their name is not on the list and they are debarred from voting .. they will hurl abuses at the fucked system.

Well the drunk thinks I am crazy for shooting his pictures I took his video too he answers in monosyllables , he promises me after I give him money that he wont drink, than the next day he trips on the bottle .. he eats nothing , I mean I have never seen him eating .

And I was surprised to see him neat and clean at the Bandra Slaughter House slums when I shot him , he looked sober and    very focused ,

I was in a hurry tired after my train trip from Grant Road and did not ask him about his change of fortune ..he has no family , I think he just wandered into my area like the other beggars , madmen that make up the muster of Bandra Bazar Road.

Jesus In A Cage

angry with the world
enraged warmongers
evangelists armsdealers
in the guise of politicians
holding center stage
murdering killing rape
arson brutality torture
peace love brotherhood
forgotten as an old adage
man killing man demented
on a rampage ..spiritual hawkers
dividing the world giving birth
to criminals in the guise of a sage

the child in the cradle is doomed much before he comes of age

to my friend uwe paschen this is what a mind over matter envisage ..

Dear Ms Marissa Mayer Thanks For The Pro For Everyone But Please Roll Back The Gift Of Pro

For those photographers who cant afford the pro member fees and were dependent on the gift from friends well wishers at Flickr

This Is A One Room Kitchen Attached At Grant Road Station

brokers excuse
good location
the best place
to choose no
problem with
the road homeless
society members
you can fornicate '
smoke your chillum
'drink desi booze
if you want to
solicit guys in
the night just wear
 รก saree stuffed bra '
you can cruise
hafta for such work
is necessary hindi
we call it ghus protection
money to save your ass
from welts and bruise
if you leave before the
expiry date of your
contract your deposit
goodwill you will lose
you might have to pay
the municipal guys who
come suddenly out of '
the blues ..says the landlord
no families no couple no kids
only single no beams no
ceiling in case you want 'to
hang from a noose ,,,rent
to be paid fully for 11 month
no excuse ..

This Is Our Prestigious Bandra Station A Heritage Site And House Of Drunkards Drugaddicts

The Slow Death Of The Indian Railways Boot Polishwala

I may sound stupid crazy but I think getting your shoes polished by the Boot Polishwala is an insult to the man groveling at your feet , spiiting on your shoes to give it a shine , rubbing hard so that you look great.
I felt there was dignity in begging but not in the job they do , I shoot these guys with a formidable passion , cant the Railways not give them a vendors job,,, and keep automatic machines for polishing the shoes ..inhaling the polish is slow death I have shot young kids polishing shoes and all junkies , polishing shoes begging at Bandra Hill Road.
I mean we feel for horses pulling Victorias , we feel for dogs cats but never for humans degraded beyond redemption,,,What has the Hon Railways Minister to say to this ,, I mean these guys could be selling newspapers instead of polishing shoes lazy sons of you know what who cant polish their own shoes ,,

These Beggars Threatened To Break My Head ,,, Lol I Said Go Ahead

I may look alive but I am already dead
words on the silence of my lips they read
but I did tell them I care two fucks for their threat
All three junkies of Bandra posing as beggars instead
a head that has taken so many knocks with a dagger
that it has no fear of getting cracked up no dread
after all a bloggers head is only a head ..that twice a
years turns crimson red ,,hearing my words all three fled