Sunday, January 7, 2018

Thank you Dear Rev.Aviles Carlos Edualrdo

Attn: Beneficiary

Compliments of the day.

It was resolved & agreed upon by the board members & directors that your compensation fund of $2,700,000.00 (Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) only, will be release to you on a special method payment via ATM swift card, you are advise to contact this office with the information's below to claim your fund.

1) Your Full Name:
2) Your Address, State and Country:
3) Your Telephone:
4) Your Age:
5) Your Sex:
6) Your Occupation Status:

Congratulations while,anticipating your urgent response Please if you wish to receive this Card make sure you respond to every mail comes from this office to avoid any delay or cancellation of your claims As respond to this message please always check your mail from now onward for further more communication until it's done to avoid delays.Thanks.

Best Regards,

Rev.Aviles Carlos Edualrdo
Director Payment Notification.


 $2,700,000.00 (Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) one go

..Thank you dear Rev Aviles Carlos Edualrdo..for your kindness my face all aglow
mercy generosity to this slammed up the ass beggar poet
you show  money that I shall use judiciously you should know
one with Lord Jesus I consider you my bro..not blood related was born to dream.. even dwarfs need dreams though their legs dont  grow ..with your ATM Card first I wont use it for drugs or booze notorious nebulous whores .
i shall keep away from readymade electronic mobile phone stores ..

The elusive woman I loved on Facebook I know she will come to me crawling on all fours ,, you get the score ...she had dropped me like a hot potato because after we made love I loved to snore ..she got tired of foreplay sticky sex made her bored at my feet once again I will see her floored ,,a carnivorous bitch hardcore ..she will beg implore I will give her some crispy dollars  for services rendered shut the door .

Being  a polygamist I  will marry a nice African lady who will love me for my faults aberrations shortcomings no pun intended I am sure ..I will invite Michael as my best man the ambassador of goodwill who has shot all the beautiful African ladies as he follows the dictum prevention is better than cure ,lol

I will invite my best friend David Seibold ..he is flooding all his images on American photographer I am told ...Thomas Hawk his  family beautiful and bold ...I tried but could not become a photographer in his mold ....

Alex W is coming experience the Bandra  Talao earcleaners and our ambivalent Mumbai winter both hot and cold .. Angel Sarah ..and Meld two lovely friends my luck double fold ..Bernie shadow boxer ..Chicago foodie ..who loves burgers hot dogs with lot of mayonnaise and mutton rolls. will be eating chicken biryani keema pao.. behold .

BennBell and Anothony Posey ..two old friends who have never ever called me an asshole ...always supporting me encouraging me ..this beggar poet poor soul...

Once Dr Glenn Losack was my best American friend ..but now looks at me from Odissa ..his talent manifold ,,, but he wont ever come to Mumbai..this poor beggar poets stronghold .

Craig Boehmen when I get injured sends me gifts braces that I dont use books that I dont read fate like a Mumbai street potholed ..Craigs school of photography here at Bandra Bandstand I shall bank roll...with Magic eye as Dean..Travel connoisseur ..I shall fulfill his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur ..Raunaq Time and Travels I am assured .

For Anandamoy Chattrje a house in Hardwar a position sinecure .

For Daniel Cross a new Canon Camera prime lenses and billfolds ..
To Victor Bezrukov from Israel  Day of Atonement Happy Yom Kippur ..Peace will see you in Jerusalem when this world headed by Trump becomes more Mature ..

Thank your Reverend Aviles Carlos Edualrdo..good health wealth my testicular fortitude my children have insured ..

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