Sunday, August 5, 2012

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Carter Road Dhobi Ghat ..

I Came Here To Get Away From Dark Thoughts And Deleted Dreams

Carter Road Where Time Stands Still... If You Have Time To Kill

Carter Road Dhobi Ghat ..

Carter Road On The Rocks Lovers Paradise

I took this shot and was not sure what to do next I than decided to move towards the rocks shoot the weeping mangroves and the makeshift Ganesha Temple in the sea and these lovers too had made the rocks their love nest away from prying eyes except the cosmic eye of the camera and the unobtrusive street photographer ..

The Bollywood Strugglers at Carter Road Bandra

Bollywood strugglers are guys who want to join the Indian film industry and who come from distant hick towns of India like Jhumri Talaya to try their luck and they come to seek the blessings of Mr Rajesh Khanna and Carter Road is the closest , than from here they go to Bandstand where the two main pillars of Salman Khan and Sharukh Khan hold the film industry on a pedestal..

When they have taken inspiration from these demi gods they head to Juhu where the main God ShrI Shri Shri Jai Amitabh Bachchan Bhagwan stays , the head of the pantheon of the Bollywood Indralok , here they bow make obeisance break a naryal place flowers outside Jalsa and hope to get a break .. this is stuff dreams are made off.

Hungry tired they come and sleep off Mr Rajesh Khannsa Bunglow Ashirwad.. sometimes the sleep at the bus stop off Ashirwad..

Many a times Bala Mr Rajesh Khannas boy gives them money from his own earnings , or gives them money for the ticket journey back home .. when dreams get deleted doomed .. some are lucky they become chaiwalas outside studios , some become spotboys and what not

And the ones that have pretty faces who are ashamed to go back home pick up a saree put lipstick on their pouted lips and clap their way though life at Trafic Signals posing as hijras ..

This is known as Safar or Journey..

Zindagi Ka Safar Hai Yeh Kaisa Safar...

Moral of the Story
The Grass is not always Green on the Otherside..

Carter Road Bandra Updated Set 2012

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Once upon a time I walked like a madman at Carter Road but its been a long time I gave it up, and sometimes when I do come here all the old faces the regulars remember me , today was one of those days I was nattily dressed in my breeches and bandgala and wanted to meet some old friends but I think because of Roza and Ramzan the did not turn up, so I walked all alone and decided to do something different I shot the weeping mangroves off Carter Road and the Ganesha makeshift temple in the sea.

On my way back I shot Mr Vargheses antique jalopy and caught up with Bala at Ashirwad I sat with him for sometimes talking about old times and my own memories with his boss Mr Rajesh Khanna..

So this is a sad depressing day pictures that I shot and also updated this old set of Carter Road with other pictures .. this set includes the Shia Dariyawala Alam, the Anna Hazare Victory March with Terence Lewis and others , pictures of the Carter Road Football Marathon shot by Marziya Shakir my gifted 4 year old street photographer grand daughter.

This set includes the pictures shot outside Ashirwad by Marziya Shakir as Shradanjali or Tribute to Mr Rajesh Khanna ..

Lal Bagh Chya Raja

Pishab Karna Deewaron Par Behta Hua Jharna

ka nam
aur marna
buson main
jeb katron
se darna
kuch bhi ho
bura kam
na karna
upar se
kar utarna
ek bar
na girna

Abbu Shot by Nerjis Asif Shakir 1 Year Old Canon EOS 60D

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While I held the camera she pressed the shutter and the result...Nerjis Asif Shakir shoots her dad..

Thank you Lord for your Bounty and Grace

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the iftar
gods gift
a moment
in timelessness
fast and swift
hope and peace
no rift
nerjis asif
one year old
on a prayer

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