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Blades of Wrath in a Bloggers Hand

Lakshman Rekha

Lakshman Rekha, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,347 items / 1,313,023 views

crooks in white clothes
who took the oath of
rob the nation
day in and day out
the soul of mother india
gagged shut mouth
totally bereaved
worn out
one scam after the scam
thanks to the judiciary
saving us no doubt
every law every rule
these sanctimonious
netas flout put in jails
mocking the system
with the help of
conniving defense
they get out
we are free
to rape the country
some more
they shout
the erstwhile PM
Hon President
wants scams
to end
but the power
of crooks
the collective clout
like a sore thumb
they stand out
a system even
god above
cannot wipe out

laughing at this poet
on the street corner
netajis styylish cut out
tears on the soul
of the common man
my poem timed out



Akbar Shah Mohomed Ali Aga Iran and Me

Mohomed Ali Aga Iran And Me Mira Road Juloos E Hyderi 2011

Every Land Is Karbala Every Day Is Ashura

My Signature Shot of Peace And Humanity


The Barefeet Blogger and Zuljana

My Signature Shot of Peace and Humanity

Motherhood The Source of Shiasm

Motherhood The Source of Shiasm, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,290 items / 1,312,826 views

ya hussain
a sound that heals
as it falls
on the eardrum
on the soul
of humanity
our spiritual anthem
the source
of shiasm
a foundation
pillar the main
in her womb
amniotic waters
of Euphrates
we blossom
a land without
borders '
our kingdom
a land where all are
from hussain we get
to hussain we succumb
pain sorrow and wisdom
the heart beat of islam
the shia moslem
karbala ashura
in our bosom

Mira Road Juloos 2011

Mira Road Juloos 2011


I AM PROUD TO BE A SHIA, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,276 items / 1,312,727 views

is his update
beyond a facebook
wall post
an indian
shia muslim
is his proud boast
from amchi mumbai
jai maharashtra
on the west coast
he is every other
communities friend
fine dost
hussain is humanity
his guidepost
the core essence
of his spiritual survival
mutual coexistence
tolerance for
other faith
love for
his country
his nation
his people
his cultural

Shooting The Mira Road Juloos 2011

Shooting The Mira Road Juloos 2011, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,234 items / 1,312,630 views

Thanks to Mohomed Ali Aga of Iran, I shot the Mira Road juloos that begins at Imambada Sakke Sakina after a majlis and ends at Hyderi Chowk with zanjir zani and kamazani .

There is a Ag Ka Matam but I did not shoot gets far too late instead I took Mohomed Ali Aga home to meet my family and have dinner with me.

Mohomed Ali Aga was with me in Hussain Tekri too and we traveled from there to Mumbai together along with Ali take part in the Mumbai Chehlum too.

Both of us thus participated in two Chehlums this year..

The Mystique of a Man Called Pallav Patankar

The Mystique of a Man Called Pallav Patankar, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,210 items / 1,312,484 views

dark glasses
a golfers cap
thank you sir
for saving my
multi colored ass
from getting stoned
by a gay activist
a cosmic thought
in seismic blur
hijra tits
a bejeweled hand
blessings that were
caught on the net
in a stir
thank you
friend of friends
my guardian angel
at humsafar
along with
ashok row kavi
my maha guru
phir kya darr

i wont be shooting
the next gay pride
because of her

There Are Some People On The Universe I Can Go On Shooting Forever

There Are Some People On The Universe I Can Go On Shooting Forever, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,203 items / 1,312,474 views

Faredoon Dodo Bhujwala is one of them...the other one is my 3 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir..worlds youngest street photographer who shoots on Nikon D80..

Faredoon Dodo Bhujwala A Friend Indeed

Cross Dressing The Soul of Man

Cross Dressing The Soul of Man, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cross-dressing is the wearing of clothing and other accoutrement commonly associated with a gender within a particular society that is seen as different than the one usually presented by the dresser.[1] Cross-dressing has been used for disguise, performance art and as a literary trope in modern times and throughout history.

Nearly every human society throughout history has distinguished between male and female gender by the style, color, or type of clothing they wear and has had a set of norms, views, guidelines, or even laws defining what type of clothing is appropriate for each gender. Cross-dressing runs significantly counter to those norms and, therefore, can be seen as a type of transgender behavior[citation needed]. It does not, however, necessarily indicate transgender identity; a person who cross-dresses does not always identify as being of the opposite gend…

Supporting a Human Cause Gay Pride 2011

Supporting a Human Cause Gay Pride 2011, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,170 items / 1,312,362 views

Mumbai is the heartbeat of Humanity , here a human cause attrracts everyone , be it a peace march after the 26 /11 episode or the Queer Azadi March Gay Pride 2011.

College students like her from every college of Mumbai were there adding support by their presence , and you dont need to be gay , hijra or transgender or bi or lesbian.. sexual orientation has nothing too do with it , and the mature crowds at the Gay Pride evoked such sublime feelings and this is Amchi all its pristine glory under a colorful rainbow of Hope and Humanity.

Parents relatives little children accompanied by their guardians walked with pride and here I must mention the exemplary Mumbai Police giving respect to a just cause, this was the most peaceful walk, and even the crowds clapped their hands and joined in the march.

This is what I shot a rich tapestry of communal harmony, I …

The Hijras of Mumbai

The Hijras of Mumbai, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,159 items / 1,312,350 views

Most of the hijra community predominantly lives at Peela House and Kamathipura in South Bombay, and other pockets of Bombay Central Null Bazar.

I have been very close to the Peela House and the Kamathipura hijras as I have been documenting their lives struggle and showcasing them via images at Flickr and my Hijda Eunuch Blogs.

Why Hijras I dont know.

It all began at Haji Malang I met Hijra icon Laxmi Narayan Tripathi on my first visit to the Holy Shrine , and we were meeting after a gap of several years , she hugged me almost embarrassing the Bawas at Rafaee Chowk whose guest I was.

While we were talking about old times we were connected through Bollywood and were to act in a movie together, the project never saw the light of day, she suggested that I should chronicle the hijra angst and ethos.

And thus began my journey shooting Hijras at Haji Malang, year after year, Ajmer Sharif and…

Holistic Healing In The Sewer Pond of Hussain Tekri Jaora

The Way Of All Flesh

Corruption Scams In India Will Never Go

Corruption Scams In India Will Never Go, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 168,041 items / 1,311,802 views

young future of our nation
piddles on the soul of politics
if i may say so though the erstwhile
prime minister the hon president
want corruption and scams to go
in the backyard of most netas it grows
like an orchard that ripens brings
hope prosperity we all know
garlands of black money
round necks all aglow
in politics only the media
the common man is foe
as the line of corruption
they wont toe on the soul
of the mahatma hey ram
another blow greater than god
greater than nature is the
holistic healing power of dough
babus all running to and fro
an adarsh society all the more
ill gotten gain commissions
consultancy charges
keeps accumulating coming
from the back door the rajas
the kalmadis the chavans
small fish the real culprit
moves about freely
you get the score
life is nothing but
bed of thorns
beneath the roses says
the politicians pet whore

Crawling On All Fours To Chabbuk Sharif..Hussain Tekri Jaora

My Hand At The Grassroot Level of Pain and Poetry