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"In truth this man was son of God." Longinus: The Roman Centurion Who Crucified Jesus Christ ...

Definition: A centurion was an officer in the army of ancient Rome. They got their name because they commanded 100 men (centuria = 100 in Latin).

Centurions were hardened, experienced soldiers, skilled at killing. Most were enlisted men promoted through the ranks after 15 to 20 years of service.

A number of Roman centurions are mentioned in the New Testament, including one who came to Jesus Christ for help when his servant was paralyzed and in pain. That man's faith in Christ was so strong that Jesus healed the servant from a great distance (Matthew 8:5-13).

Another centurion, also unnamed, was in charge of the execution detail that crucified Jesus, acting under orders of the governor, Pontius Pilate. Under Roman rule, the Jewish court, the Sanhedrin, did not have the authority to carry out a death sentence. Pilate, going along with Jewish tradition, offered to free one of the two prisoners. The people chose a prisoner named Barabbas and shouted for Jesus of Nazareth to be crucified. Pilate symbolically washed his hands of the matter and handed Jesus over to the centurion and his soldiers to be executed.

"And when the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, saw how he died, he said, 'Surely this man was the Son of God!'" (Mark 15:39, NIV)

Later, that same centurion verified to Pilate that Jesus was, in fact, dead. Pilate then released Jesus' body to Joseph of Arimathea for burial.

Yet another centurion is mentioned in Acts Chapter 10. A righteous centurion named Cornelius and his entire family were baptized by Peter and were some of the first Gentiles to become Christians.

Pronunciation: cen TU ri un

Example: The centurion ordered his soldiers to break the legs of the men being crucified, to hasten their deaths.

(Information in this article is compiled and summarized from The Making of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire by Lawrence Kepple.)

Srinivas is a Photo Journalist I am a Begggar Poet And Blogger

I carry Jesus in my hands

My silver Jesus stick..

a message of peace

i try to get across
through my poetry
blogs ...wordless
of a world that was
in the beginning
before politics
made it a world
of power gain and loss
imperialistic hegemony
a situation grim and gross
who says a rolling stone
gathers no moss

The Fifth Station of the Cross

And I continue with my documentation of Good Friday and the 14 Stations of the Cross ..shot from Levi Lobos house..

my best friend vishnu bhimrajka

Maria Leper Lady of Boran Road Bandra

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tadgolas the summer soothing fruit of mumbai


Borassus flabellifer

Borassus flabellifer, the Asian Palmyra palm, Toddy palm, Sugar palm, or Cambodian palm, is native to South and Southeast Asia, in the Indomalaya ecozone. It is palm tree, one of the Sugar palm group, found from Indonesia to Pakistan.

Borassus flabellifer is a robust tree and can live 100 years or more and reach a height of 30 m, with a canopy of leaves several dozen fronds spreading 3 meters across. The large trunk resembles that of the coconut tree and is ringed with leaf scars. Young palmyra palms grow slowly in the beginning but then grow faster with age.

The Borassus flabellifer plant and fruit is known as Tala in Oriya, Tnaot in Khmer, Thot Not in Vietnamese, Tari in Hindi, Tal (তাল) in Bengali, Tale Hannu or Tateningu in Kannada, Nungu(நுங்கு) in Tamil, Pana Nangu in Malayalam, Thaati Munjalu in Telugu, Munjal in Urdu, Lontar in Indonesian, Siwalan in Javanese, Ta'al in Madurese, Ton Taan in Thai, Akadiru by the East Timorese, Tao in Divehi, Tadfali (pronunciation variations are Tad-fali or Taadfali) in Gujarati, Targula in Konkani, TadGola (ताडगोळा) in Marathi and sometimes Ice-apple in British English. The fruit measures 4 to 7 inches in diameter, has a black husk, and is borne in clusters. The top portion of the fruit must be cut off to reveal the three sweet jelly seed sockets, translucent pale-white, similar to that of the lychee but with a milder flavor and no pit. The jelly part of the fruit is covered with a thin, yellowish-brown skin. These are known to contain watery fluid inside the fleshy white body. These seed sockets have been the inspiration behind certain sweets Sandesh called Jalbhara (জলভরা) found in Bengal.
The ripened fibrous outer layer of the palm fruits can also be eaten raw, boiled, or roasted. Bengali People have perfected the art of making various sweet dishes with the yellowish viscous fluidic substance obtained from a ripe palm fruit. These include Mustard oil fried Taler Bora (তালের বড়া), or mixed with thickened milk to form Taalkheer (তাল ক্ষীর).
Palm shoot is cut and the juice is traditionally collected in hanging earthen pot. The juice so collected before morning is refreshing and light drink called Neera (नीरा) in Telugu also in Marathi and "Pathaneer"(பதநீர்) in Tamil has extremely cool in sensation, and sugary sweet taste. The juice collected in evening or after fermentation becomes sour - is called Tadi (ताडी) in Marathi. Tadi is consumed by coastal Maharashtra mostly by villagers as raw alcoholic beverage.
A sugary sap, called toddy, can be obtained from the young inflorescence, either male or female ones. Toddy is fermented to make a beverage called arrack, or it is concentrated to a crude sugar called jaggery or Taal Patali (তাল পাটালী) in Bengali. It is called Gula Jawa (Javanese sugar) in Indonesia and is widely used in Javanese cuisine. In addition, the tree sap is taken as a laxative, and medicinal values have been ascribed to other parts of the plant.
In the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, India, and in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, the seeds are planted and made to germinate and the fleshy stems (below the surface) are boiled or roasted and eaten. It is very fibrous and nutritious, known as Panai Kizhangu or Panamkizhangu in Tamil and Thegalu or Gaygulu or Gengulu(especially in Telangana areas) in Telugu.
The germinated seed's hard shell is also cut open to take out the crunchy kernel, which tastes like a sweeter water chestnut. It is called "dhavanai" in Tamil. The white Kernel of the ripe palm fruit after being left for a few months has got its uses. It is used as an offering in Lakshmi Puja in various parts of Bengal and is also eaten raw.

The 'Borassus flabellifer leaves are used for thatching, mats, baskets, fans, hats, umbrellas, and as writing material.

In Indonesia the leaves were used in the ancient culture as paper, known as "lontar". Leaves of suitable size, shape, texture, and maturity are chosen and then seasoned by boiling in salt water with turmeric powder, as a preservative. The leaves are then dried. When they are dry enough, the face of the leaf is polished with pumice, cut into the proper size, and a hole is made in one corner. Each leaf will make four pages. The writing is done with a stylus and has a very cursive and interconnected style. The leaves are then tied up as sheaves.
The stem of the leaves has thorny edges (called "karukku" in Tamil). Fence can be prepared from these stems by nailing it together. Skin of the stem can be peeled off and it can be used as rope. In some part of Tamilnadu, a variety of rice flour cake (called "Kolukattai") is prepared using the leaf.
The stalks are used to make fences and also produce a strong, wiry fiber suitable for cordage and brushes. The black timber is hard, heavy, and durable and is highly valued for construction.
The young plants are cooked as a vegetable or roasted and pounded to make meal.
When the crown of the tree is removed, the segment from which the leaves grow out is an edible cake. This is called thati adda in Telugu or pananchoru in Tamil.

Borassus flabellifer has a growth pattern, large size, and clean habits that make it an attractive ornamental tree, cultivated for planting in gardens and parks as landscape palm species.

The palmyra tree is the official tree of Tamil Nadu. Highly respected in Tamil culture, it is called "karpaha Veruksham" ("celestial tree") because all its parts without exception have a use. Palmyra tree is also symbol of South Sulawesi province (Indonesia).
The palmyra palm is a symbol of Cambodia. It grows near the Angkor Wat temple and is a very common palm, found all over the country.[1]
The palm is also common in Thailand, especially in the northeast or Isaan provinces, where it is a prevailing part of the landscape.
This plant has captured the imagination of Bengalis in the words of Rabindranth Tagore whose nursery rhyme 'Taal Gaach ek Paye daariye' (তাল গাছ এক পায়ে দাড়িয়ে..) in Sahaj Path (সহজ পাঠ) is a staple reading material in most schools in West Bengal

elephant is a bad word in uttar pradesh , but in mumbai he guards lord ganesha

Happy Easter Maria I Have Not Forgotten You Today

Life Can Be Tough When You Dont Have Fingers Just Two Stumps For Hands

Christian Beggars And The Spirit of Easter

Maria is a Christian convert, spiritually converted conjoined to Christ, but she is merely a number count that is what the Church needs , and in actuality those that converted her did not try to rehabilitate her , her daughter Mary is a beggar too.. I have never seen their husbands I dont know their story .. I read body language and shoot pictures.

Maria has two grand children , I have shot them in the past, both bright kids..

I always drop money in Marias beggar tin and speak to her , she thinks I am a miser she searches for the clink of the coins with her stumps but I place notes she cant feel so she thinks I am a miser and sometimes curses me too.

Nowadays I shoot her without talking to her ..she is the favorite beggar of my American friend Dr Glenn Losack but he could not find her , this trip ..

She sits at Boran Road Bandra and I pass her on my way to work..her daughter Mary sits at the Bazar Road end ..

Sometimes I Think My Wife Is a Better Photographer Than Me

Zaira Saif Shakir Will Be a Street Photographer Too ..

All my grand children have been baptized by a miniature camera at birth, but Zaira just kicked it away , her way of saying she was not interested..and so I have not pushed the camera into her life like the other two photographers at home Marziya Shakir 4 years old and Nerjis Asif Shakir 8 month old..

Though Zaira Saif Shakrs website on Blogspot hails her as street photographer I did not want her to be left out.

And I have really not spent much time with Zaira , and Zaira loves me madly..the prettiest Shakir in our family..

I Take A Break Will Post Balance Pictures of Good Friday Tomorrow

My Wife said ,.. Did You Not Shoot This Last Year ..

My wife is a very simple god fearing human loving Muslim lady a Shia with Iranian genealogy,she has no issue what I shoot or how I dress , though she gets hurt when I walk barefeet with her dressed in saffron, she in a hijab,

I mostly walked ahead of her and sometimes if I entered a shop people mistook me for a Sadhu beggar but became apologetic on seeing my wife coming to my rescue..

I have stopped wearing saffron, but I do walk barefeet only in my Malang clothes on Sundays...and when I set out to shoot Good Friday her words Did You Not Shoot This last Year was to remind me that I could post last years pictures , and simply because she knows I dont eat anything unlike the Christians I am not fasting but I am sharing their spirituality and piety and last year I had collapsed due to my diabetic condition while shooting the 14 Stations of the Cross.. so it was her wife's way of trying to dissuade me but not stop me from shooting this again.

And seeing this picture I realized be it a mother wife sister a relative always feels the pain of another relative and this brings to an end one section of the Good Friday documentary I inserted another 16 GB card to complete the rest of this story.

I had only one card but on Thursday wife took a bus to Fort to buy me two more cards of 16GB each as I was at help me shoot Good Friday is aother strange thing about our loved ones .. they say one thing but mean another ..

I Shoot The Fifth Station of The Cross Every Year From Levi Lobos House

Her mother had sever diabetes could not get up from the bed but gave me a smile and I prayed she recovers .. Levi Lobo I meet only once an year .. and most of the people I meet during the Lenten Walk I will never meet .. we go our different ways ..

But I keep their love faith perseverance of piety alive through my blogs ..and I maybe a non Christian but we do share in your pain , your devotion and today on Easter Day we share your spirit of Joy..

Out of the window of this house you can see a section of the crowd this passion play founded by Joe Dias of CSF and the Cross is in its glorious 25 years celebration..

What I got from the Christians as my schooling my upbringing I give back as pictures and the poetry of their Faith....their Faith strengthens my own Shia Faith too..

And as a Muslim I condemn attacks on this peaceful community in Kashmir and the neighboring country..we all have a fundamental right to our religion and it is important we dont abuse this right to live as humans.

When the Christians were attacked in Kandhamal Orrisa I wrote against it ,and if we dont stand up against oppression or persecution , the next time they will come for us too..

And every Muslim is not a Jehadi or a Terrorist , your parentage makes you what you are I had great parents both dead but what they sowed now grows as peace and hope on the soul of my grand children too.

My 4 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir goes to a convent school and has shot St Peter Church and is highly respected by the Christians of my area..

Fr Jude Mascrenhas and the parish priest of St Peter Church Bandra Fr Jaun..are very fond of her and bless her each time I take her to shoot Jesus.. in their Courtyard.

The Fifth Station of the Cross

The Fifth Station of the Cross Shot From Levi Lobos House

One Jesus Walked I Followed Him The Other Jesus Was In My Hands

I Shot My Feet They Helped Me The Most.. To Complete This Long Journey of Hope And Humanity