Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Soul of Humanity and the Photographer

Its because of the
you see what you see
without blinkers
what he shot
as photography
in a drop
of tear
the soul
of humanity

Shiasm Up Close

blood sweat and tears
the soul of shiasm
shiasm up close
shot by a
barefeet blogger
firoze with blood
through his head
from his nose
a moment called
on the streets
of mumbai
he froze
a shia poet
sufiyana soz
a bit different
from those
my pictures
bloody and gross
but from the tears
of a mother
our pain flows
from a world
without borders
it grows
an enigma
of humanity
a moment
nobody knows
save those
who are shias
a path to salvation
their ancestors chose
oops taqaaiya is an old story
come up with something new
or this chapter allah ho akbar
i foreclose a poetic pause
a poetic pose ya hussain
subha se shaam har roz

The Shia Bloggers Pain - Ghame Hussain

Hum Hussainiyat Ka Tilak Lagatey Hain

behte hue khoon
main rang jate hain
waqt ko karbala
ki haqeeqat
dikhate hain
lahoo se lahoo
lohe ko
piglate hain
kale kapde
kala kafan
hum shia
keh late hain
apka naya sal
apko mubarak
ham apna naya sal
is tarah manate hain

every land is karbala
everyday is ashura
apko yad dilate hain

What We Have To Do We Have To Do

shooting the soul
of photography
is important too
what we have to do
we have to do
a path that the
soul follows
the soul pursues
from a little child
to manhood
as it grew
out the only
that it knew
from one
to another
ya hussain
a chant
the walls
of despair
as it reverberated
into you
with the power
of hussainiyat
as it flew

Hussain is Humanity
in all humility
I say this to you
I am as much a Shia
as much as you
are Christian
or a Jew

The Silhouette of Shiasm

The Child Bleeds With The Blogger

The River Flows From My Head

The Bleeding Blogger of Mumbai

The Bleeding Blogger of Mumbai

The Cycle of Pain Continues

my pictures are poems written in blood
is what you read what you view
the cycle of pain we call ghame hussain
on the soul of our spirituality continues
tandav dance of death on the soul of shimr
giving the son of a devil his due
if hussain was a muslim
yazid shimr was a muslim too
with a blunted blade the soul
of islam he slew the bigot
will say no it was not them
it was some crazy jew
luckily at that time
among his killers
there was not a single hindu
but yet he created
the Hussain Brahmins
a mark on the neck
it is true
a wish
I want to Go To Hindustan
it was not possible
but from a tear god
created me and you
shias by default in lieu
we bleed we cry
black winding sheets
our bodies
with last drop
of the blood
our spirituality
a mission of peace
on earth
a fight against
yazidi terrorism
we pursue

I am a Coward Really

i am a coward really
caught in an emotional
tidal wave
but being a poet of pain
on the soul of my spirituality
makes me brave
an uncorrupted file my
brain copies my soul saves
we are nothing
but walking graves
the reality of life
after death
a narrow shave
better to be human
than to be
destiny's slave
its for the longings
of past memories
we live and crave
it was not his hand
but his head his life
for our lives he gave
a tear fell from my eyes
he forgave
lashing my
soul with love
of humanity
wave after wave
with his support
as i bled
i did not cave
hussain is humanity
on my soul engraved

Its Not The Camera But The Soul Of Man That Shoots Pictures of Pain

i feel pain
i shoot pain
as it overwhelms me
time and again
i overcome pain
it cuts my head
it cant touch my brain
i am protected
by a shield
i call
moulah hussain
through this gory act
without glorifying
this ritual
called ghame hussain
i show you a protest
against terrorism
1400 year old or more
you know i am sane
my self inflicting act
of others too
a thought sustains
hussain is humanity
in every reign
though yazid
had his head
he could not
buy his hand
Islam lay slain
hussains sacrifice
a new revival
a new path
a new hope
paradise regained

allah ho akbar
he saved
at karbala
simple and plain

Tandav Dance of Death On The Soul of Shimr

a few shias
get upset
when they see
my pictures on the net
for using indian imagery
words like tandav
dance of death
i am an indian
the cultural
is my indianess
they forget
i am more
than what
i am
i am human
my shia
is the core
of religious reality
in humanity's debt
if you are a bigot
only see pictures
respectively named
in my flickr collections
or my sets
i shoot all religion
i shoot genderless people
a blog within a vignette
skip my pictures
if it hurts your sense
or sensibility
the safest bet
in gratitude
human regret
to be or not be
feel or not to feel
that i am also
as human
like you
on the internet

Tandav Dance of Death On The Soul of Shimr

Tandav Dance of Death On The Soul of Shimr

Tandav On the Soul of Shimr

Tandav On the Soul of Shimr

Truth Lives Behind a Face

when the time
of reckoning comes
it will truly surface
a poetic thought
of spiritual freedom
from slavery
we kindheartedly
open heartedly
a drop of a tear
tells the shia's story
a sacrifice
the imams
dignity and grace
our ancestry
from a moment
in karbala
we trace
glory to allah
allah be praised
the cry of a mother
an army of criers
he raised

We Shed Tears -We Bleed

every drop of our blood
gives evidence
against the father
of terrorism
lannutullah yazeed
butcher of karbala
bastard son
serpent seed
a blot
on Islamic thought
culture and creed
for 1400 years as a protest
we shed tears we bleed
but such is a global
eunuch silence
distorted history
of our pain wont heed
covering up
with eulogies
yazids misdeed
he gave his head
but not his hand
hussain is humanity
in the lead
of superior
holy breed

A Blogger Wades Through a Path of Peace

A Press Card Bleeds

if yazid
had not done
what he did
there would be
no need
for us to be
what we are
what you are
the heart of
we remind
of a dastardly
we are tears
that grew
from a seed
to a holy mother
in her time of need
born shias
the same allah
the same holy prophet
his holy book
we read
ahle bayt
a mission
of peace
cant succeed
an oath in blood
beyond caste
color or creed

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

Ruler is Hussain, Emperor is Hussain,
Faith is Hussain , guardian of faith is Hussain .
Offered his head and not the hand to Yazid.
Truly, the mirror of faith is Hussain

Hum Khoon Bahate Hain

gham main
nahate hain
ek rah
bichate hain
ya hussain
ya hussain
hum unhe
ro roke
bulate hain
ghame hussain
hum unko
sunate hain
ham hain
ham shia
kehlate hain
a message of peace
terrorism on
the soul of man
ka nara lagate hain
1400 ki neend ko
ham dobara uthate hain
ham naya sal aise
hi manate hain

The Muslim World Within a World

135,538 items / 1,033,137 views

as it swirled
my soul from
ground zero
to another world
for peace
hope harmony
like a shooting ball
hitting the goal post
as it curled

The Muslim World Within a World

135,538 items / 1,033,137 views

as it swirled
my soul from
ground zero
to another world
for peace
hope harmony
like a shooting ball
hitting the goal post
as it curled

Motherhood A Moment of Bliss

135,538 items / 1,033,137 views

in the silhouette
of the hijab
you cant miss
a garment
of modesty
as is where is
i shot jesus
i got this
life a chimera
a wall of mirrors
you see yourself
you see others
quixotic quiz
within the soul
of a picture
sepulchral text
always exists
from one
end of hope
to another

My Angst My Anguish My Pain My Poetic Pathos

135,538 items / 1,033,137 views

my angst
my anguish
my pain
my poetic
the sole cause
why i cant
be happy
full of life
a i once was
why am i
in the throes
on the crest
of a wave
gone for a toss
some search
for profit
i search
for loss
on my
parched lips
i carry my cross


Deewar, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

135,538 items / 1,033,137 views

I have just got up through a nightmare
through the medium of my mother tongue
my soul i bare i am confused my blog
from my breath i cant tear my poetic angst
my pictorial pathos fecundity fucked flair

kaiee bar
bar bar
ki rah chod doon
jahan ja raha hoon
woh rah mod doon
phir ek bar zindagi
ka sat chod doon
lekin subah hoti hai
dil machalta hai
is talab ko
main kaise
chod doon
pareshan hoon
bezuban hoon
lab pe botol hai
es botol ko
main kaise
tod doon
ab bataiyee
yeh sharab
main kaise
chod doon
is pyas ki
gardan ko
main kaise
marod doon

The Beggars Idd

his name is Saeed
he could be Fareed
he could be Rashid
yes he is a Muslim
celebrating Idd
a beggars bowl
is beyond caste
color or creed
the plants
in a garden of hope
a withering weed

They Celebrate The Spirit of Idd

they definitely
dont celebrate idd
at all
they beg on idd day
but yes they did
hear the muezzins call
after the namaz
a few coins
like rain will fall
mother and her child
small no new clothes
no sheer korma
for them hopes
on a wailing wall
punished by fate
punished by poverty
on the floor they crawl
have they ever celebrated
idd no they dont recall
from one goal post
to another goal post
kicked like a football
no their luck wont change
says the oracle
psychic octopus paul

Namaz Heaven On Earth

Namaz Heaven On Earth

Someone Has To Shoot The Shooters Too

Barefeet Blogger of Bandra West

Shot by BL Soni of DNA

the streets of pain
a pain that never
ends holistically
the soul of humanity
upload and send
not for money
not for fame
with no evil intent
head bowed in prayer
knees bent
no karmic confusion
to feel sorry
or repent
the call of
the muezzin
peace brotherhood
a message well meant
live let others live
without hate bigotry
our souls re invent
tolerance the mantra
of unity in diversity
ladies and gent

Photo Journalist Idd Special Picture

The Mumbai photo journalists the dead wood variety, those who have lost it, a mental block of creativity, end up manipulating pictures.
This is the quintessential Idd Hugging picture .
And they expect to compete with those across our shores.
Even the few good photo journos end up like this a lethargy , an apathy, their celebrity status gets them through, now mind you I am not talking about guys in other regions of photography who do am excellent body of work and make us amateurs proud..
I bitch because who do we emulate , in order to become good in this field..its a sad day death of photo journalism and the blame at the photo editors desk.. not beyond.Girish Mistrys kids from his Shari Institute shoot better pictures .. more defiantly and differently criticism is constructive but than you have the God given Freedom of expression to tell me "Go Fuck Off .."

Like a photo journalist who hurled these words at me when I politely told him to come up with something new ..I hold nothing against him personally he shoots what his photo editor wants and unlike a blogger he has to earn his living , luckily I moderate my own photos and work under no editorial constrains.

I shoot a poem and am happy it ends up as a picture..

Idd Namaz at Bandra Station

every year come what may
i shoot the idd namaz
with my camera
i come this way
shoot the followers
of Allah head bowed
in prayer
with you the rest
of humanity
a spiritual
of peace
love brotherhood
i share
poetic flair