Sunday, June 21, 2009

Face To Face

image courtesy

two diverging paths
face to face
holding the soul
of a nations fate
spiritual terrorism
built on hate
basiji killings
innocent people
used as bait
baton wielding hoodlums
no escape
a green shroud
bleeding bodies drape
the world watches in silence
in disbelief a nations rape
a new militancy
in a spiritual cape

Natarsim natarsim, ma hameh ba ham hastim
We must not be frightened, we are all together

a collective call for a new democratic landscape
a new beginning will inshallah surely take shape

inspired by hamid rad of facebook..

Neda Remembered

the pain
of losing a loved one
hits the hardest
we all know
to shot
in the middle of the road
by an accursed basij
a terrible blow
spiritual terrorism
like a river of blood
in the streets of Tehran flow
justice will come one day
very slow
the revolution
has taken another victim
the enemy in spiritual clothes
truth justice equality
will overthrow
unrest begins to grow
obama sits comfortably
in the white house
the entire eunuch world
in silence watch this mega show
twitter and facebook
bringing Iran in to your house
to douse the flames as they glow
a god who must not take sides
to what is happening down below

The Black Race

hands tied behind the back
this race was born
on a white rose
a black bleeding thorn
obama the black messiah
their woes haven't gone
a karmic catastrophe
as whites reborn
the black hope of Africa
searching for a new dawn

Inspired by pictures of Linda Schaefer

Freedom With Broken Wings

image courtesy

lying trampled by boots
freedom with broken wings
on the street as the baton swings
a sad funereal song sings
spiritual leaders modern kings
to the masses no happiness brings
out of the door a mandate flings
yes its happening in Iran
but to man all over the world
it hurts and stings
from the blood flowing
into the gutters
a new hope springs
freedom from dictatorship
above all things
for whom the bells toll
a sadness rings
Little David
hitting Goliath
with 5 stones in a sling

Subtlety Thy Name Is Linda

Subtlety Thy Name Is Linda

subtlety thy name is linda

your pictures are compositions of human journey,,freezing time and space ..beyond caste community color and race ..god embedded as blood sinew muscle in every face ..yet in temples churches mosques synagogues his reflection chase ...clinging to claustrophobic religiosity
that they embrace ..killing each other in the name of god a spiritual disgrace ..gifted with wisdom knowledge love yet enslaving another mans space ..a single life on earth a total waste.

to linda schaefer a predestined meeting on planet called flickr..

Marziya and the Wise Men of Facebook and Flickr

marziya waiting for uncle glenn
uncle fred uncle lefty uncle benn
facebook flickr all wise men
if they come she does not know when
a letter to them she did pen
asking for toys chocolates big fat hen
via g mail sitting on the computer
at her grand fathers den

A Danger Zone Out There

for the little child
barricaded at home
a danger zone out there
a world where humans
for humans dont care
love and hate
an unusual pair
always cross
with each other
nothing but sorrow
misery share
spiritual dictatorship
trampling on human rights
a thought to bare
batons guns water canons
power packed no
uprising will ever spare
fools enter where
angels fear to dare

The Heat The Humidity and The Pain

Sweltering Mumbai
the heat the humidity and the pain
monsoonal melancholy no rain
a harsh punishment for
those jam packed
traveling standing in the train
power bills hiked by reliance
causing an added strain
a government by the people
of the people for the people
now to whom do we complain
behrampada burns in bandra east
political leaders making mileage
to garner votes for the assembly polls
a renewed campaign
slumdog millionaires
all lost how can one explain
at the multiplexes
kal kisne dekha
to entertain
the sucked system
has you by the balls
and your jugular vein
bleeding your soul
your spirit to live
a cause in vain
mind over matter
floating through
cosmic oceans
on an orbital plane