Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mirror in your Eye

The Mirror in your Eye
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HOWLIN' DERVISH (10/16/2007 2: 59: 00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

.. at one time Howlin' brought a gift to the powerful Sultan Firoze. 'I have brought you a picture of the biggest fool in your realm.' he told the Sultan.
Sultan Firoze is delighted and unwraps his gift. His pleasure turns to fury, however, when he finds he is looking into a mirror. 'Take this impudent dervish away and have him flogged.' Sultan Firoze yells. Howlin' is astonished and looks in the mirror to see what has caused offense.' But O Great Sultan Firoze, ' he protests, 'this is a picture of the greatest fool in your realm.'

MORAL: If you don't know yourself to be an ass, you certainly are an ass.

Love is All


If you see your image in the mirror
It does not lie
Your faults your shortcoming
That reflects from the closet of your eye
The mirror tells the truth
Though cosmetically you lie
Your erased wrinkles of
False rejuvenation
It espies
Your cowardice
Your hate for others
Embellished on your
Soul as ungratifying sighs
You are nothing but
Hatred in disguise
Jim Hogg
Ian Bowen
Allen James Saywell
Father Son and Unholy Ghost
Racist Trinity
Do take advice
Howlin ‘s Words
Pearls of Wisdom
No surprise
Relent Rethink and Realize

Thank You Sufi Master Howlin Dervish of Koyna

firoze shakir

The Garbhi

The Garbhi
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On the roads near traffic signals you will find little kids begging with the Garbhis in hand, the Garbhi is a symbol of fertility in connection to Navratri and to Goddess Durga.

The Garbhi

The Garbhi
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Symbol of Fertility during Navratri, a very important piece of worship at the Durga Pandals, this was the most attractive.. so far at the Bandra Talao Durga Pandal..

all my durga pandal pictures at flickr..

Poem Hunter Forum-Everyone Freaking Out

Poem Hunter Forum-Everyone Freaking Out
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At poet hunter racist forum
It’s a wrestling bout
A man dressed as a woman
Pushing a pen drive
Up his ass you will scout
Hogging the limelight no doubt
English or Scottish
The Mother Fu**ker
Biting the dust felled by intestinal gout
You might hear Howlin shout
Peace and Calm his lips in a pout
Another Aussie mischief monger
Pimping poetic wares the tout
Another English Racist Poet
Loose bowels spilling his guts about
Alfred Hitch Cocks foreskin stuck to his mouth
Yes All Freaking Out
Trade Martin
The Messiah of Liberal Pussy Humor
With political poetic clout
The White Supremacist Racist Whore dropped dead
We surely can do without

firoze shakir

Girl with Garbhi

Girl with Garbhi
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The Garbhi is symbol of fertilty, and these little Gujrati girls collect money from devotees.. near the 14th Road Pandal at Bandra.

Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare
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Obituary to a Dead Racist Poet -Ian Bowel

Obituary to a Dead Racist Poet -Ian Bowel
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Hitched to Alfred’s “Caulk”
At poem hunter Forum
As you dry dock
Alfred Hitch Cock
Ian Bowel Jewish Shylock
Norman’s mother he does Hawk
Indians he loves to mock
Racist English Poet
Who will be soon lying
Undisturbed beneath a Rock
People on his graves will walk
Urinate and take stock
Beneath to eat his putrid flesh
Worms will flock
His soul dehydrated in shell shock
A requiem through my poetry blogs
Technorati Tagged on my weblog
Racism at Poem Hunter Forum
As we take stock

firoze shakir

Fucked Forum of Hate

Fucked Forum of Hate
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Fuck Forums of Hate
Poem hunter Forum
Besieged, run by a coterie
Of a Racist Syndicate
As Allen takes my colored ass
While he is abusive
To stop him or reprimand him
They hesitate
He is one of their own
White bastard
In an armor plate
A man posing as Courtney
This transsexual tyrant, this racist wolf
In a sheep’s clothing
Born coward ambiguous sexuality
Certainly not too straight
Sexual persuasion comes kiss my ass
A feeling in better English you
Could translate
A psychopath as most in the Forum
I don’t need to recriminate
Swollen wombs depleted minds
Only Hate good poetry won’t procreate
Go- I quit the Forum of Notoriety
Better to live as an Indian than
Be subjected to collective torture
In a Slave State
all of them
Can be Your Racists Poets Society’s
New Soul mates

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Mukut Darshan 2019

I am perhaps the only Muslim shooting Lalbaugh Chya Raja for over 20 years or more ,,thanks to Mr Sudhir Salvi head honcho of the Mandal.....