Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Do You Post This Kind of Stuff ? A Query on Google+

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My reply in humility and gratitude

I Thank all of you for browsing my world of pain.. why do I shoot this stuff .. a very curiously powerful question ...I shoot this because I am human.. when I shot this kid in Ajmer he hid his face from me he was aware I was shooting him and when he lifted his face he accused me of a guilt I had not comitted , I died a million deaths as a poet.. I dont do this to gain cookie points , I do it as this is the genre purpose of my photography, I will not post funny pictures but I wont pass adverse comments on what you post that is your prerogative on the open web..

I hate posting pictures on Google+ I hate Picassa ,,I prefer Flickr and Flickr will not give me a free account even after 200000 images shot to educate in most cases a world unseen by Geo Nat too, I shoot the hijras to showcase their world I shoot all religion ..

And Google+ is a better platform they understand pain sufferings so I am here .. and +Jack C Crawford and others have supported me and my world of pain..
I am indebted to your love friendship understanding

As Ever
Beggar Poet

Maria Found Jesus When The Lights Went Out Forever

Hope In West Bengal Has Gone Blind .. Forever ..

No Maria The Coin Is Not Outside ....

As a photographer you either tell your story or the story of a person you shoot.. Maris does not exist in your world I hope not, and I am sure if she existed the authorities would have picked her up bundled her to a leper home and taken care of her..

Glenn Losack shoots leper homes , he knows the ins outs but I know for a fact beggar homes are beggar unfriendly , bad outsourcing the curse of India even caretakers of children homes fuck rape sodomize children..and get away with it..

And the only state in India that respects Freedom of Expression , is Maharashtra .. I say this with extreme pride , we dont lock up professors if they post cartoons depicting bad governance , dying children in Municipal hospitals goondaism , hooliganism and for once I think be it Left or Right powers corrupts and evil power of a megalomaniac woman corrupts humanity completely and she the other was unceremoniously kicked out for building statues instead of hope hospital and schools..


Fuck for god sake dont ask me why I shoot beggars .. and not national leaders celebrity or filmstars.

She Likes The Sound of Coins More Than The Silence of The Notes

With the money she earns as a beggar sitting for hours here in this lane and later in the evenings at Hill Road near the Parsi Fire Temple or near Globus , she and her daughter Mary also a beggar have bought up two kids , Marys children and Marias grand children.

Its been a long time I have not seen them, they are not in Mumbai, taken care by Christian folks.

If you notice carefully the tin is tied to her leg, as I believe drug addicts desperate for money have snatched it and run away with it, some pretend to drop coins and flick the notes within.. it is tough being a beggar having sockets for eyes.

And as I am not published in magazines or newspapers I am not a Reuters photographer I shoot what I have to shoot , no restrictions on my own beggar soul, I dont sell my pictures but a kind person on Flickr in appreciation for sharing my world of eunuchs and hijras bougfht me a Pro membership at Flickr for one year.. and he touched the core of my poetry as those days I was going through a rough patch and very bad times ..

There are good human beings all over cyberspace faceless , kind human and they read you understand you, they may not comment or like or plus my posts ..but they too are good friends ..I only block those with sex on their minds a human genitalia on their Flickr photostream and favorites.

Sex is your personal equation and you dont have to shove it up my reluctant ass .. find some other place maybe a good photographer but you like dicks twats than I block you all the same..

I am here to educate you on the only subject that binds one man to the other .. it is called human pain , human suffering.. you were born lucky..good for you..

Good Morning G plus .. Welcome To My World of Deathly Illusions

These are pictures I take on my way to work ,

I said Good Morning to Maria the Leper Lady dropped some coins in her tin box , while she begins to touch them, I step away and from a distance capture the moments of her life than share her pain pathos poetry with all of you..

She is the beginning of the road that leads to work if I take it or I go to work another long way..

Maria is a set at my Flickr photostream, and my grand daughter Marziya Shakir has shot her too..

I have never asked her or her daughter Mary , questions pertaining to their life,.I give money as charity I shoot pictures world of pictures survives on brevity of thought.

When I began my tryst with photography, shooting beggars was not part of my adventure at all, I shot slides black and white color film, I shot my surroundings , my faith as a Shia and my culture as an Indian , I shot Hinduism Churches and Sufism..related to the body piercers known as Rafaees fakirs or Sufi mendicants than came the Hijras eunuchs ..

I began shooting beggars after I met my best friend my only friend Dr Glenn Losack MD 2008 and it continues shooting them with respect and to shed light on a segment of society totally ignored ..shunned.

And I have a set at Flickr Muslim Beggars , Muslim beggars that God forgot after making them in a hurry..he forgot to paint their eyes , he forgot so many things.. but he keeps them alive through a human emotion called charity.. a way of appeasing him by throwing coins in a beggars bowl.

Muslims Hindus Christians need beggars in my world to connect with God through charity..and I shall end it here..I type with a single right hand finger ..of a deformed hand..I get tired this is my 229517 blog at will complete 5 years at Flickr in June this year..

As a poet because I shoot beggars I call myself in humility a beggar poet ..I will never be short of pictures as long as there are beggars in my world..

People who live in ivory houses even society photographers hate us we are the lowest step in the hierarchy of photography..and being a blogger a waste of time and energy..

Marziya Shakir Shoots Us And Jesus on Canon 7 D With Vertical Grip

Marziya Shakir Shoots Us On Canon EOS 7D With Vertical Grip

Grandpa Shot By Marziya Shakir on Canon EOS 7 D With Vertical Grip

That Marziya Shakir 4 year old can hold the heavy camera speaks volumes for her passion for photography..

This morning I took her down to the Market and let her indulge in street photography along with her is the new street photographer imbibing the rules of the game soon to be 9 month Nerjis Asif Shakir her sister and my favorite grand daughter who is a Malang too

“I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.”

The Beggar Poet ,,,And The Mahatma