Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I continue with my pitru paksh journey into the realm of dreams

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I was shooting from the boat and Bipin Kokate Midday photographer humble soul was kind enough to take a few pictures ..and shooting from the boat got me closer to the soul of the North India Brahmin appeasing the soul of his ancestors on the banks of the Banganga.

I shot almost 2 more 8 GB cards of this feast very close to my heart because of its spiritual element and the barbers on the roads ...I have been shooting this feast for 8 years now...

stiff heavy fines should be imposed on littering ..mumbai will become singapore

Pitru Paksh Up Close From The Boat

Thanks Bro .. He Said ..As I Paid Tribute To The Living And The Dead

Hope And Hindutva .. Message of Peace Humanity on Pitru Paksh

Pitru Paksh.. Remembering The Dead

The Barefeet Blogger In The Boat at Banganga

The boatman asked me if I knew to swim , I told him yes but also reminded him that my camera could not swim .. so please keep that in mind .. and he began to row the boat while I shot pictures ,,

Hope Humanity On The Banks Of Banganga

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

Flowers Of Peace ...

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

Pitru Paksh

Banganga Walkeshwar ...Pitru Paksh

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

The dark half of the Ashwin (September-October) is observe as Pitra Paksha throughout the Hindu world.In Hinduism, Pitru Paksha is the rituals performed by relatives for the departed souls of dead ancestors, parents and relatives.
Shradha is offered to the dead and departed ancestors of the family. On each day of the fortnight, oblations of water and pindas or balls of rice and meal are offered to the dead relatives by the surviving relatives.
A Shraddha is not a funeral ceremony but a supplement to such a ceremony. It is an act of reverential homage to a dead person performed by relatives, and is supposed to supply the dead with strengthening nutriment after the performance of the previous funeral ceremonies has endowed the ethered bodies. It is believed that until Shraddha has been performed the deceased relative is a preta or a restless, wandering ghost and has no real body. Only after the Shraddha, he attains a position among the Petris or Divine Father in their blissful abode called pitri-loka. It is trditionally believed that a Shraddha is most desirable and efficacious when done by a son.
The eldest son or some other elder male member of the family performs Shraddha in honour of the dead and offers oblations. Part of the food-offering is also given to the cows and the crows. Brahmins are fed and given dakshina, for it is believed that whatever is given to the Brahmins also reaches the departed souls. Khir, a sweet milk and rice preparation, is especially prepared and offered to the pitris on this occasion. On the last day of the fortnight,i.e. on the Amavasya oblations are offered to all those those dead ancestors whose tithi of death is not known. In Brahma Purana the significance of this ceremony is described. During Pitra Paksha shaving of the beard, cutting of the hair, wearing of new clothes, paring of the nails are not allowed.

the birds were free and man was yet to untangle himself from his net of illusions

photography teaches me to live life better ..

i was born in india - i want to die in india

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji ..On The Banks of The Banganga

Mr Shatrughan Sinha Has Been My Mentor My Patron In Bollywood

Rab Ne Banayi Jodi .. The Sinhas of Ramayana Juhu

Banganga The Holy Place Where North Indians And Maharashtrians Mutually Co Exist

Caught in the Cosmic Ring of a Blog

the north indian brahmin on pitru paksh

I only shot what I was destined to shoot .. pictures on my karmic route

Spiritual Showers Hope Blooms And Flowers

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

Pitru Paksh 2012 Through The Cosmic Eye of a Beggar Poet

I Shot The Poetry of Life On The Banks Of The Banganga

I Shot The Spirituality of Lost Time Captured in a Glass Bowl

Hope and Hindutva Hinduism 42,700 photos- My Hindu Blogs at Flickr

I have showcased my cultural ethos , Hinduism as a message of Humanity under the head of Hope and Hindutva..

I have tried in all humility to shoot the major Hindu feasts in Mumbai , and I am thankful to all those who made this document this on my own.. without any sponsors or financial aid from anyone..

But I hope one day to shoot the Amarnath Yatra and the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra ...if God wills.

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

I Would Rather Shoot All This Than Sit In a Theater To Watch a Film

I am connected to Bollywood but I dont see films at all.. I havent seen a film for almost 18 years now ...we hardly watch TV .. the only reason the TV plays is because Marziya loves cartoons....

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

Pitru Paksh Banganga Walkeshwar 2012

As I Cannot Shoot The Banks of the Ganges I Shot Banganga on Pitru Paksh