Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Shias of Chennai on Ashura Day Also Known as Shahadat

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I have more than 800 pictures to post in this Ashura segment that I shot in Chennai barefeet , my head was raw my bleeding takes time to stop as I am a diabetic , I would have cut my head more violently had the crowds not stopped me , but than it would have been impossible to shoot more pictures as my camera body and lens were splattered in blood sticky and untouchable.

I shot a lot of pictures once this procession reached the 1000 lights mosque , the zanjeer matam and hand matam continued , than one group exited the mosque going back to Chota Naksha mubarak with the Alams I walked with them , a long walk on tired legs .

I had tabbaruk and finally came home , home was where I put up with Dr Abbas Ali Meer , after rest I shot a Shame Ghariba house majlis.

The following day Mesaq dropped me at Chennai Central I took the Chennai Mumbai Express ,,This is my second day non stop trying to upload my stuff at Flickr and I am saddened that my account now stands marked Unsafe because of its graphic nature , specially the childrens head cutting that I have moderated and added a restricted filter so as not to hurt peoples sensibilities.

I have from the day I joined Flickr in June 2007 adhered to Flickr terms and regulations and played by the book.

I hope Flickr staff re reviews my status and places my account back to Safe settings.

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Children from other Communities Waiting For The Dagger and Kamazani

Some of the Tamil Hindu kids wait for their turn to be blessed by the dagger with a mark on their head , such is the faith in Shia rituals and its the prerogative of the Hindu mother.

This Is India a land where people live in peace respecting each others rituals and religion, giving respect getting respect , this is quintessential Indian mutual coexistence and tolerance level, near Andhra in a village Hindus walk on fire and pay tribute to the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

I promote Hindu Muslim amity through my images including shooting Sufi , Sunni Christian rituals.

I walk barefeet on the burning road of Mumbai and shoot the 14 stations of the cross , I was not allowed to pierce my cheeks with a 18 feet rod for the Tamil Hindu goddess Marayam but I shall do it next year to show my solidarity with them as an Indian and as a Hindu Shia..

Sometimes Shooting Reality Sucks .. Real Real Bad

i glorify truth
what i shoot
i get a kick
up my ass
the boot
yes shooting
what exists
in religion
as 1400
year old
ritual is the
cause root
they cut my
they made
me mute
i follow
terms and conditions
i dont shoot porn or nude
with any other religion
i have no feud
through my pictures
i am fucked dude
it all comes
down to one
fucked attitude

My Account Has Been Marked Unsafe By Flickr Staff Which Is Fair Enough

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I have been sent a message by Flickr staff regarding the graphic nature of my recent images shot of Moharam in Chennai 2010 which have been duly restricted from public view , which as a stricture is fair enough ,I have shot Moharam in several cities for several years in India all documented at my archives at Flickr in a separate set and and as a collection .

I dont glorify blood but it exists in the Shia faith and I have shot it as a reality and true documentation..

My reply to their message ..

Thank you
Firstly I dont shoot porn only street reality of religion as it exists I have moderated the images 59 items
of children head cutting hope you will understand and make note of this change and remove it from restricted category..

this is a true documentation of a religious rite the world has a right to know ..

thank you for your guidance and your advise much needed and as you know I strictly adhere to Flickr terms and conditions..
I have moderated the said items 59 of them and hope you will re review my account as per your discretion..

Firoze Shakir
Photographer No1

Wa Waila Sad Wa Waila Ibne Zehra Wa Waila

The Kashmiri Shias of Chennai

Rehan Alameen ..the Shia Pride of Chennai

aye sahibe iman khuda hafizo nasir ahmed ke dilon jan khuda hafizo nasir

aye shiyon ke mehman khuda hafizo nasir zehra ke dilon jan khuda hafizo nasir

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