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On Teachers Day ,, We Remember The Teachings Of Imam Ali

"Why do the 'Shia' Place so Much Emphasis on Imam Hussain and The Battle of Karbala?"

November 29, 2011 at 12:11pm
 From Facebook

Many people wonder, and ask the following question time and time again: Why do the 'Shia' place so much emphasis on the Battle of Karbala and the death of Imam Hussain (a.s)? But the more appropriate question is: Why don't we all, as Muslims, commemorate this event together?

The events that occurred in the Battle of Karbala, and the lead up to it, are narrated in both Shia and Sunni sources. It is not a point of Shia-Sunni conflict, because Imam Hussain (a.s) is the grandson of our Prophet (PBUH). Muharram is a time that should be commemorated together because Imam Hussain (a.s) sacrificed everything He had for our sake - the future generations of Muslims. His sacrifice on the plains of Karbala was purely so Islam would be kept alive.

The proof behind these statements, is all found in the history behind this great event: Yazee…

Shiasm And The Kamazani Ritual

As a chronicler of religious rituals diverse culture I have shot all this within the spectrum of culture without giving in to shock and awe.
I have documented this practice in Mumbai during Ashura and Chehlum two important mourning days in Moharam.

Most of the Kamazni begins from 6 Moharam night at Kaisar Bagh Dongri and continues regularly till 9 Moharam.

While on 9 Moharam it takes place at Honda Byculla after the majlis by Maulana Yasoob Abbas and thamn this ptocession winds through JJ Hospital main road to a local Imambada and more kamazni and zanjir zani on the roads till it ends at Imambada Amin and at Fotowat.

On Ashura 10 Moharam it is a morning event at Amin Imambada , where there is hardcore sword matam by Habib Nasser and Jalal Mamu.. others do their stuff .. and than the Iranians break their fast with Khichda .

Later in the afternoon the procession begins at Moghul Masjid and moves on the roads towards Rehmatabad Shia cemetery after the Shame Gariban majlis by Maulana Ath…

About Matam Kamazani Tatbir In Shiasm

Answer by Board of Istifa, Office of Grand Ayatollah Sistani: The philosophy of mourning during 'Ashura', is to respect the symbols of religion and remember the suffering of Imam Hussain (as), his companions, and his uprising to defend Islam and prevent the destruction of the religion by Bani Umayyad dynasty. These rites must be done in such a way that in addition to serving that purpose, it draws the attention of others to these lofty goals. So those actions which are not understandable and causes misunderstanding and contempt for the religion must be avoided.

Ayatollah Khamenei Ayatollah Khamenei: Practical Laws of Islam >> Religious Events

Q1430: What is the view on beating the drum and cymbal, blowing the trumpet, and lashing oneself with chains with blades during the processions of the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (a.s.)?

A: If the use of such chains leads, in the eye of the public, to defaming our school of thought or inflicting a noticeable harmf…

About Kamazani Tatbir And Shiasm

Question:Is there any problem with causing the bleeding of the head – TATBIR – as it is practiced, to express one’s grief about the martyrdom of our Imam Hussain peace be upon him, assuming there is going to be no permanent harm?
There is no problem with that, given the assumption made in the question, and Allah knows best.
You stated that there is no problem in causing the bleeding of the head – known as TATBIR – if it does not lead to harm. It is said that it is not more than a permissible act, then can TATBIR be MUSTAHAB – desirable – if the intention was the upholding and honoring the Sha’a’er – signs of Allah – and sympathy with the Ahl-ul-Bayt, peace be upon them?
Most probably Allah Almighty would give thawab – reward (the individual) – for sympathizing with the Ahl-ul-Bayt if the intention is sincere.
Ayatollah al-Udhma al-Seyyid al-Seestani
The current leader of the Hawzah of the holy city of Najaf.
What is the ruling regarding the lashing…

Hamare Bacchon Ke Sar Dekhar Khanjar Bhi Sharminda Ho Jata Hai

use shimr
ke hath main
apni badkismati
ka waqt yad ata hai
bacche ke khoon se
khanjar aj bhi
apna gunah
maf karata hai
unke sar dekhkar
khanjar bhi
ho jata hai

My Friend Manuela Nesci And Me Shoot The 7 Day Ganesh Visarjan Juhu Beach

Manuela is from Italy and a great family friend she wanted to shoot the Ganesh Visarjan ..immersion so I bought her to Juhu Beach and we both had umbrellas but the stormy weather and the rains played havoc with our cameras .

This picture was shot by dear Twitter friend photojournalist Chirag Wakaskar , he is a great photo enthusiast and charming too..

I saw that Manuela got good pictures as I have shot a lot of Visarjan in the past , I was barefeet , after about an hour and a half Manuela wanted to return back to Bandra so we took a rick and gave a miss to the big Ganpatis .

The ricjk ride back home to Bandra took us more than two hours because of the bad unmanageable traffic snarls ,, we were trafucked to put it mildly.

At home Marziya Nerjis and Zinnia shot Manuela ,, they love showing of their skills on the camera .

Later Manuelas friend Anjali fetched her from my home ,,,

Kamazani And The Shia Girl Child

Kamazani is a Shia ritual of cutting the head with a dagger , and is a very old ritual in memory of the Martyrs Of Karbala Imam Hussain the Grandson Of The Holy Prophet and his family .

The trials tribulations the Imam underwent and the genocide by Yazid the Caliph of the Umayad Caliphate is remembered during Moharam , a month of happiness as New Year for majority Muslims but a month of pan and a month of the start of Shia Mourning in remembrance of Ghame Hussain.

All this is commemorated for 2 month 8 days and the hosting  of this event at Imambadas and in Shia homes is known as Azadari.

The 10 day Ashura is the saddest day for the Shias and most of them self flagellate known as Zanjirzani, they cut their heads know as Kamazani, and this ritual was basically done by the males and even new born children but of late Shia fathers get their daughters to do the same .

I first shot a Girl doing Kamazni cutting her head at Hyderabad in 2003 ..and than I saw a lot of girlchildren doing the …