Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Marathi Manoos Slogs ,, The Migrant Becomes Rich A Thought I Catalogue

through pictures
i shoot of the
marathi manoos
of mumbai
to awaken
the soul of
our sleep
i blog
the rich
the poor
life gone
to the dogs

mr dhabolkar
mr pansare
get shot
in open day
light criminals
run amok
be it the
or bjp
law and order
in maharashtra
creating havoc
common man
shocked our
leaders want a
vibrant night
life . yes lets
all rock
more booze
more drunks
a thought
lets make
on the soul
of humanity
more tears
as after shock
removing paver
tiles as the system

The Wise Goat Of Bandra

A Message from a Flickr follower

I really enjoy your lively, clever, passionate pics & texts - You are a true personality, thank you for sharing so much of your sights and insights... ! And your pics make me feel I'm in India, fabulous !
I've been thinking about the "likes" I'm giving - I'm not always convinced it 's the best system for showing appreciation...
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your... art !

And such messages add to the beauty of Flickr and encourage the photographer in each one of us ,,

And the web is a huge giant connector , we are seen heard ..and I am not that lucky to visit interesting areas of my country so I shoot my world my backyard Bandra.

The rich side of Bandra  does not have problems of garbage display they are well managed and well take care of here I must reiterate the people who live here do there bit , the residents see that there area is clean and green .. that is why Pali Hill Band Stand Carter Road and other tony side of Bandra is an inspiring thought.

It is areas near the market the slums that are dirty and it is not just the Municipality but the residents to blame and migrants too who use Bandra as a dustbin as most of them are here to make money and will leave for their hometowns .

Even stiff fines do not deter them and places like St Peter Road Bandra a wall away from the Church is full of garbage , people throw garbage here from moving cars .. unless there was CCTV near these garbage prone areas they will always remain the same .

And the Municipality and our local representatives go on foreign tours but none comes back with a good garbage management idea.. small garbage bins and the garbage spilling over , some places no garbage the dumping site the dirtiest one Bandra Bazar Road only two buildings away from where our erstwhile MLA lives.  even his office is in front of a dirty garbage bin,

As for our erstwhile MP both BJP upholders of Modijis Swach Bharat .. she is lucky she does not live in Bandra Bazar Road .. she stays a million miles away at Worli .

And so as a photographer , senior citizen I shoot pictures and I have been shooting garbage much before Swach Bharat dawned on Bandra ,,,

Otherwise Bandra is one of the finest suburbs rich in culture , heritage and a cauldron of mixed races and religiosity all living in peace hope harmony.

And I shot this white goat living his few days months he will be slaughtered for Bakra Eid but he is not bothered about death or the butchers blade ..and luckily he is not wearing the orange suit  of a Gitmo prisoner but death is imminent unless the owner has a change of heart normally Muslims rarely have a change of heart where such a beautiful goat has to be sacrificed for the greater goodness of God..

So thank you Flickr friend for your message and your kind words and taking time to see my backyard , I am sorry their is nothing called Art in my work I am a photo blogger typing with a single finger .the most abused finger slave driven to get my message my poems across.

Eid Ul Adha Namaz Was In Progress

The beggar waited for the namaz
to get over he would get some alms
as he watched each one of them
in a brand new dress well pressed
he was a mess a drug addict
an expensive habit no home
no address gardalu they called him
meaning junkie poorly dressed
he was a victim of bad karma life
going downhill in distress ..he could
hardly stand sores on his feet pus
filled gangrenous ..the cops around
busy safeguarding the namazis
while he watched the photographers
from the press shooting away the
spiritual calisthenics of oneness

Who Will Auction The Poor Mans Clothes

lying there waiting for the bidding to start
the base prices Rs 450 but it breaks his heart
he has decided to give the money to the more
poorer than him before he departs  on the stripes
of his shirt his name embroidered in sweat poor
man poor man  poor man poor man life as art
his shorts made of Indian cotton this cotton king
with his clothes will part he has decided to become
a monk go live in the jungles till death does him apart
his cosmic fate he could not thwart . wantonly wart
he has left his undergarments  as sweet memories
filled with nostalgia to his long lost forgotten sweetheart

In Mumbai Even Your Dreams Can Get Stolen.. Says A Lot For Poor Law And Order

One thing is certain the con men , fraudsters are not scared at all of our Mumbai cops ,,and if you read the newspapers there is everyday a new con a new scam and the guy on the street becomes the fall guy be it at ATM  or at banks too ,,

Rapes murders is normal and even crooks posing as cops get away  without being caught ,,,

My Mother Is Dying Please Help Me She Said

In her makeshift home
made of old bed spreads
i could see he mother
bloodshot eyes as she
looked into my eyes
pleading almost dead
one soul mother daughter
two heads more than pain
it was a story of survival
gone awry i read i gave
her some money but
she said looking at my
monks dress please
bless us it is prayers
we need more than
money or bread .
i silently moved
ahead feeling guilty
a part of my humanity
had already fled

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