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Masoom Ali Baba - Qalandari Silsila Panipat

The Qalandariyyah (Arabic: قلندرية, Hindi: क़लन्दरिय्या, Bengali: ক়লন্দরিয়্য়া), Qalandaris or Kalandars are wandering Sufi dervishes. The term covers a variety of sects, not centrally organized. One was founded by Qalandar Yusuf al-Andalusi of Andalusia, Spain.
Starting in the early 12th century, the movement gained popularity in Greater Khorasan and neighbouring regions, including the South Asia.[1] The first references are found in the 11th-century prose text Qalandarname (The Tale of the Kalandar) attributed to Ansarī Harawī. The term Qalandariyyat (the Qalandar condition) appears to be first applied by Sanai Ghaznavi (died 1131) in seminal poetic works where diverse practices are described. Particular to the qalandar genre of poetry are terms that refer to gambling, games, intoxicants and Nazar ila'l-murd - themes commonly referred to as kufriyyat or kharabat. The genre was further developed by poets such as Fakhr al-din Iraqi and Farid al-din Attar.
The Qalandariya may have arisen from the earlier Malamatiyya and exhibited some Buddhist and Hindu influences in South Asia.[2] They condemned the use of drugs and dressed only in blankets or in hip-length hairshirts.[3]
The writings of qalandars were not a mere celebration of libertinism, but antinomial practices of affirmation from negative action. The order was often viewed suspiciously by authorities.
The term remains in popular culture. Sufi qawwali singers the Sabri brothers and international Qawwali star Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan favoured the chant dam a dam masta qalandar (with every breath ecstatic Qalandar!), and a similar refrain appeared in a hit song from Runa Laila from movie Ek Se Badhkar Ek that became a dancefloor crossover hit in the 1970s.
In Pakistan and North India, descendents of Qalandariyah faqirs now form a distinct community, known as the Qalandar biradari

Yes India Is Tolerant ..

yes if we dont like what an
actor says we kill his inner
spirit with malicious poisonous
words on Facebook Twitter we
dont need guns ..paid media
instigates distorts destroys ..
safe from its corner enjoys
the fun..if amir kan had not
said what he said or if another
actor had said it after his ass
they would not run.. so india
is tolerant we give respect to
the needy the disabled crippled
beggars hijras others our country
a generous host a cauldron...
there is a lot that needs to be done
instead of battering a mans freedom
of speech..lets learn to be human

Teaching A Malang Photography On Canon 60 D

Amin Malang belongs to the Sufi order of  Madarriya , he is one of the most daring malangs..he defended the Shrine of Sultan Shah Baba that he takes care of at Vijapur Takia Mehsana district...and he did not allow the tomb to be desecrated , and narrated the memories of the Gujrat riots 2002 ,,

And we met at Makanpur 2013 Urus of Zinda Shah Madar , he is building a huge mosque at Vijapur Takia and in this town the Hindus and the Muslims live like brothers and all participate in the urus of the towns Holy Saint ,,he invited me to Vijapur for the Urus  saying that all the malangs would be coming from all over India including Syed Masoomi baba , and Syed Rafiq baba but none turned up so I left Vijapur disappointed as I am documenting the Dam Madar Malangs , however I took a bus and traveled to Unjha and shot the Holy Shrine of Mira Datar..the largest Sufi mental hospital for holistically curing insane made people , possessed people ,

Teaching Amin Baba photography was childs play.. he said he learnt it watching me avidly shooting pictures ,,