Thursday, March 29, 2012

First she tempted me with a half open door now she has locked herself in..

love she says is the original sin
i am one of the many in her
recycling bin her heart
made of iron my soul
made of tin ..her beauty
only a parchment of skin

Mumbai Where a Muslim Man Paints a Hindu Temple As a Message of Peace Hope Humanity

he is a drunkard .. he loves to beg,,, thirst and a peg

the beggar waits his turn.. to be noticed when god returns

What Will The Press Photographer Not Do To Get His First Page One Picture of a Self Immolating Person

Photojournalism in India Rest In Peace .

.Its all about
Money and Fame
the name of the Game
fires of guilt he could
not douse or tame
Fuck what a Shame
khat khat images
continuous mode
as he took aim
gave the soul of
a very bad name
daily news and analysis
his fortunes reclaimed

29 March 2012

RIP Jamphel Yeshi Free Tibet ..

jamphel yeshi
died for a cause
free tibet
from the evil
talons of china
self immolation
sadness and remorse
his holiness dalai lama
a silent poetic pause
.burning on the
soul of freedom
a flame
an inextinguishable
force ahinsa
more than anything
the only rightful course
debate dialogue
a thought to reinforce
peace hope humanity
jintao must endorse

If Only Behenji Had Made a Statue of a Cobbler ...Instead of an Elephant That is Her Party Symbol..

Did he lose someone .. I will never know ..

i shoot pain.. as a street photographer in the guise of a poet

The Only Fucked Google Product is Blogspot.. Decadent and Doomed

Hijab is a Poetry of Peace

The Poor Muslim Man Begs ..And In Some Muslim Countries The Muslim Man Begs For His Life

Muslims love killing Muslims ..
sectarian hate
spiritual fascism
on the soul of humanity
called jihad another
name for fanaticism

The Irani Tea Rs 7 At Khushali Moghul Masjid

The Irani Tea at Rs 7 Khushali Moghul Masjid

Picture shot by my wife...

My Unique Collection of Dure Najaf..

It is obtained from Najaf al-Ashraf, Iraq. Those obtained from the river are more illustrious than those obtained from the land. Both Hazrat Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq and Imam Hassan al-Askari (9th grandson of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH)) have said that wearing of Dur-e-Najaf has great thawab.

It is good for ailments of the eye and it creates happiness in the heart. The 6th Imam stated on Dur-e-Najaf, that all the Momineen and Mominaat feel happy when they sight this stone, and the pain of their eyes is relived. A Gemstone full of spiritual and religious values and benefits. No need to worry for date of birth etc, any one can wear with full peace of mind.

It can also recall old forgotten memories and assist in solving problems. Dur-e-Najaf brings self-knowledge and wisdom to ourselves. It can also supply energy and stamina to the lagging physique.

Dur-e-Najaf gently attracts a balance of all seven colour rays to your body, emotions, and mind. In the process, it corrects any colour ray imbalances in your physical and subtle bodies. When you become more balanced on this fundamental level, all aspects of life improve.

It also

Increase your energy bring more balance, grace, and harmony to your life
Promote balance in the relationship among your body, mind, and emotions
Foster balance within and among your body's physical processes
Balance your mind's creative and analytical aspects
Regain your balance after a life-changing or traumatic experience
More easily learn from past experiences so you can make better choices

Street Photography is shooting another mans pain ...duplicating it on the viewers brain

I See Pictures Much Before My Camera Shoots Them,...

The Most Powerful Intoxicant A Cup of Tea ..And Photography

Maria The Leper Lady of Boran Road Bandra

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my silence the click of the shutter
you have come photographer
she utters ..cursing her fate
she mutters i place rs 10
in her beggars tin her life
the other end of the gutter
words hit the sidewalk
like birds headless
wings flutter ..feathers
flying in the air
my poem stilted with pain
a new day stutters

did god create her
only to hurt her ..
my thoughts
on the soul of
my pathos clutter

If I Did Not Shoot Pictures I Would Die -Of Boredom

The Umbrella Lady of Bandra Reclamation.

And I will buy her a new umbrella and plastic sheets before the rains set in...

women hate smokers ...