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Cybernetic Minarets of Hate

Cybernetic Minarets of Hate
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 photo courtesy

Muslims love hating Muslims
Cybernetic minarets of sectarian hate
Allah ho Akbar a web of a page to state
Godliness for unsure under poor taste embraced
Waiting to pounce on the unwary the gullible
They under the cover of their minds darkness wait
With wahhabi vitriolic venomously to taste
These putrid putrefactions petrified post haste
Soaking with thoughts that seemingly appear chaste
Satanic soliloquy cut copy and paste
Shiasm , shia, shias ,shiites, they denigrate
With a yazidiyat that once Hussain has erased
Now thanks to rogue mullahs hate madrssas replaced
Hurting none but themselves these terrorists
On the face of the good part of the earth displaced
Islam the banner of Peace and Brotherhood defaced
Jehad jehadis martyrdom misplaced
Silence from the rest of the community a fact home based

12 year old boy beheads man (Censored Version)…

Lady Diana of The Dreads

Lady Diana of The Dreads
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Lady Diana is celebrity cult figure, God has stopped making her kind completetly so by default she becomes a rarity.She is English an ex Wiccan, now converted to Tantrism under her Guru Kailash Baba of Jodhpur.
We are soul mates Diana and me.
Diana nurtured my dread locks added the braid extensions , and God alone knows what else..
She was keen that I take Diksha from her Guru , but than I told her that I was already a disciple of Guru Hazrat we did not go into any further discussion..
And honesly my soul was saffronised by my Hindustani culture , but the contents within were unadulterated , to my Shia beliefs..
I let all the winds touch me , but my soul of a Shia remained untouched to any prosylitization..
I lived with the Naga Sadhus
I lived with Sufis
I lived with the Aghoris
I lived with the Catholics
I lived with Protestants
I lived with Buddhists
I was never influenced basic metallic element remained u…

Clits Twats and Tits

Clits Twats and Tits
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 if I shot pictures of clits twats and tits
on flickrs I would get the maximun number of hits
even little serpents penis -like would jump out of the pits
horny libidinous twerps and viagra assisted twits
unshaved dehumanized depraved horny armpits
fulsome fastidious fermented fragrance permits
so back to funksteenas picture of her friends tits
her name she omits...huge globular orbs
lighting the path as a claevage that in the center splits
but fuck what if you dont have tits can you call it quits
flatless tractor driven phenomena just truant nipples
as two bits ...transgendered trauma no orbs no orbits
no pamela anderson endorsed plaudits
jut two litlle untalking to each other
man like nipples but no nonsense erotic circuits
but fuck I like big buxom ones unexposed that
read private property ...mind boggling off limits
castrated cacophany ..of hermits and jesuits
a loss that finally ends in silcone cellular profits