Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ghulam E Ali- 13 Rajjab - (Imam Ali's Birthday)

Yesterday the Shia community ion Mumbai celebrated 13 Rajjab , a month on which Hazrat Alis birthday falls, he is also known as Imam Ali and was born in the holy precincts of the holy Kaaba.

This is one great and awesome day, every house has a event called Nazar, Kheer and Channa , is served , ours was a very grand affair, we had Zam Zam Pilav, a mixture of nine type of ingredients including chicken, this was a ladies function, so my computer was out of bounds..

I shot pictures of the table display..and tasted the kheer which was absolutely delicious..
At Kaisar Bagh there was a procession commemorating the same I did not go, I had to baby sit Marziya at my shop.

I will post the pictures after I finish my Ajmer lot of this series.

My computer is giving me a lot of trouble as mentioned earlier, because of some virus intrusion I think..

This is merely an Introduction to 13 Rajjab at my house..

I also shot a few pictures of 13 Rajjab at my computer tech Ashiq's house .

yeh din ali ka hai
yeh shaam , shaam e ali
meri har saans he banaam e ali
fakhr se jhum jhum jata hoon
jab khaey koie mujhe Ghulam E Ali.

Mehfil at Char Yar- 12 GB Card

Kapil Agarwal has a mehfil at his stall every year during the Urus as I was shot of time ,.only a single day , I could barely do justice, my legs were stretched wide , one at Moti Katla with Hijras the others at Char Yar with the Rafaees Bawas and Malangs.

I shot like crazy, a 12 GB card .. and still had a 16 GB card on me unused..

In the older days before the digital era I carried two cameras thye Nikon F90X and the Nikon F 100 ..shot color slides , color roll and B/W.

Mehfil at Char Yar The Hijra Guru- My Computer Woes

I am unable to browse for long , my computer crashed this morning, and there is nothing much I can do, my son has put it up together but it is temporary..I am more keen on uploading my Ajmer pictures before I format it..

When I upload the Hijra pictures I have an added task as I cross the same to my Hijdaeunuchblogs at Word Press .
And this card has the maximum number of Hijra pictures , including a Hijra Sandal.. that I shot from Babloo Dancers room at Moti Katla..
It gets quite tiring as I type with one finger.

So please bear with me ...