Saturday, December 10, 2011

the barefeet blogger and his faith ..sweet ahle bayth

Dr Glenn Losack An Amercan Jew And a Shia Hindu From Mumbai..

He Is a Sunni I am a Shia And We Are Both Muslims Living in Peace In India

The Photographers of Peace on a Mission ..Long Live Denmark

They Gave Their Precious Time To Shoot My Faith I Kiss Their Feet

Fuck Hunger

What Is God Doing When Shias Are Being Killed in Afghanistan..

Firoze Shakir - up god at peace and 72 nubile virgins giving head to suicide bombers ,down below death and degradation shias being bombed to keep his faith alive ,... now i bet you wont ask me this again thanks

Google Customer Care Sucks .. From Asshole to Eternity..

The most disgusting, the most pathetic , the most neglectful, most blogger unfriendly , never ever solving or resolving an issue , is Google Blogspot , I think its time they shut it down like the rest of their pathetic services be it Google Buzz Knoll or Google Wave .. and Make Google+ a blog site ..

I have a issue with blog spot of removing Word Verification from my Blogs Shah Ast Hussain and it has not been done till date ..

In one way Facebook Support is million miles ahead of Google including the best Customer Support on the Internet..maybe because they do this because they charge me as a Pro Member .. but if I hate any Customer care it is Googles Blogspot.. it fuckin sucks from Asshole to Eternity.. And I hope Google ass slickers read this too.

9 Moharam Byculla Mumbai 2011

This is my new set at , I shot this on 9 Moharam a day before Ashura , but I had kept these pictures on hold ,I instead posted the Ashura event at Amin Imambada , the Ashura road juloos from JJ Hospital junction to Mazgaon.. and lat the Shame Garibab recited by Maulana Yasoob Abbas at Rehmatabad Shia cemetery followed by hardcore hard hitting sword matam kama matam and zanjir zani.

The 9 moharam is the event shot at Jalal Mamus venue next to Byculla station , Jalal Mamu is one of the greatest matamdars along with Ali Shah of Mumbai.

My friends Dr Glenn Losack MD and Kim Viola from Demark shot this too, Glenn left soon after and Kim Viola and me walked from here to Honda junction Byculla and shot the 9 Moharam event there , we walked from here barefeet all this while till Moghul Masjid , Kim and Viola left I shot Fotowat and Amin Imambada.

And finally at 11 pm or much later I shot hardcore matam at Kaisar Bagh that will be included in the Kaisar Bagh set... this is a very long series .

the three musketeers kim viola and glenn

the man who rips through paper dreams

the furious physician

Dr Glenn Losack MD takes a vow every year he comes to shoot India , when God above fulfills his wish of letting him come to India Dr Glenn Losack MD shaves of his hair , a ritual that he does to appease the Maker for his bounty and benevolence.

Dr Glenn Losack is missing someone , and this earnest desire makes him grouchy grumpy angry and he searches for a punching bag, as he cannot find one to his liking he hits me instead way down below the belt .. this is the American way and I am not complaining.. I consider Glenn a very dear friend and we both have flaws and we both are miserable human beings in love with receding shadows , illusions and ethereal ironic dreams that iconic ally belong to someone else

We are romantics Don Quixote and ..Sancho Panza .. and our hope is the fleeting ball breaking hands of a clumsy windmill .. one disaster after another ..

All this was shot on 9 Moharam, while heading towards Byculla from Rosewood Hotel Tardeo where he stayed , I was accompanied by my Danish friends Viola and Kim , I had kept this batch in abeyance , to post the Ashura segment of Moharam ..this is a two part series .. Glenn left after he shot Jalal Mamus event at Byculla and Kim And Viola left too after completing Byculla Savoie juloos .. I shot 9 Moharam at Kaisar Bagh too..

Shia Mother and Child

The Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai