Wednesday, July 4, 2007

god created woman to mock womanhood

god made man
he gave him a heart
he gave him a brain
god created woman
to mock womanhood
he created pain
her birth a pain
she gives birth in pain
most of her life
consumed in pain
a man god
who kept her in chains
menstrual machinations
blots and stains
god and man god
a masculine
godhood contains
ying and yang
ling and yoni
no complains
ashes too ashes
dust to dust
is what remains

Anti Islam ...Come Again

~OvAz~ says:
"I am confused, you have a muslim name yet according to your comments and pics you seem anti-islam. Can you please state if you are anti-islam or not? This will help determine your artisticness."

I am shocked to say the least on Flickrs , I thought people who migrated here were human , smart , mankind loving, that is what photography is all about.
You capture a moment like a fleeting poem and read it out to others , its not important everyone likes it or adheres to your thoughts, but there is someone out there who needs a thread to continue, like my pictures of the Devil stump tree, that connected me to Sarif who has more knowledge on this subject than I have he has visited this place 30 times and I am searching divinity in a moment.
We all I think are here on a picture site to expose our worlds , not to preach or prosyletize, I shoot pain, I have mentioned this so many times, I do not manipulate what I shoot unless to add some artistry.
But pictures of pain like this one of a possessed lady, this is an awfully bad picture , but see the eye of the boy, and tell me does a womans pain need to be sharply focussed.Is a womans pain ever sharply focussed .
You can hang a camera to a kite shoot , but a womans pain hangs by a tale..the tale of her inherent vulnerabilty.
Fuck before asking me whether I am anti Islam, why dont you go to Iraq ask the Muslims both Shia ans Sunnis if they what they are doing it , is Anti Islam.
First check out your backyard before you dump shit on my manicured lawn..Fuck You.
At Karbala , when Yazid was marking a back page , killing Truth , Imam Hussain the grandson of the Holy Prophet did anyone raise a hue and cry did any one say "It Is anti Islam.."
Man I am shocked by my moderations.. I am not a Mullah a preacher or even my own sect promoting guy..but I am happy for once that as a Muslim I was born in India not ina neighbouring country or an Arab country.
I am adding my comments to Ovaz as part of this body post..
I would not ike to lose it like I lose my temper...

my comments
You said:
i have a muslim birthright .
i am an indian muslim
my culture is Hinduism
i show what is seen but the mullah does not see it
the condition of the underpriviliged muslim women in india
so this is anti islam
if muslims kill muslims you dont see it ..well that is islam
jehad to populate the world with only muslims that i guess is ok by you that is islam
i cut my body as a shia is anti islam
12 years boys decapitating journalist heads is islam
fuck you dont even know what is islam
islamic is not just the 5 pillars it is humanity
loving humanity and a single word called tolerance
does that satisfy you ?
i dont have to tell you about women in saudi arabia..
a land where even God is under House Arrest .

actually you can call me a Shia Pandit
firoze shakir
see my pictures dont interpret my thoughts they dont belong to your blinkered world , where you say allah ho akbar from cybernetic minarets and in the same breath curse and promote sectarianism..
I am not forcing you to my beliefs or unbeliefs I
Womanhood is not just about Islam or Anti Islam.

Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega

Translated these Hindi song lyrics mean, Dad says you will make a big name when you grow up.
He is at Hussain Yekri Jaorah to pay his respect to the Holy Shrines.He is garlanded and dressed as a Politician a power greater than God in modern times.
God has gone AWOL , he has allowed Bush and Co to run this planet , equally sharing it with Chavez , Ahmedinijad, and the Matrix of Evil no not Sanjaya Malakar but Osama One Eyed Mullah and Co..
God has taken President Saddam Hussain with him.. so both are AWOL..
The American President is running the World better than God..from a single storied White House.
You could mess with God and get away with it like Satan did , but not with President Bush...even Satan shits hearing the name of Bush.
Earlier when you asked a litte child in my country , what would he like to become when he grew old? Pat came the reply , Doctor, Engineer , Pilot, Soldier..
Not anymore I asked my neigbours son he has twins , I asked both of them..
Beta what would you like to become when you grow up..
the dumb one replied Sharukh Khan.. our Bolywood Mega Star.
The other fellow looked me straight in the eye .
Uncle he said I want to become a Neta.
Neta is the unpolluted word for Indian politician.. if he gets polluted he is called tainted.. if he meets with an accident dies he is called Late or Swargwasi meaning heaven bound..
I was curious I asked the political inspired kid..
Beta why Neta..?

he replied poetically in Hindi

Neta sirf leta
Kisiko nahi deta
Bade mahal jaise ghar mein rahta
Pura desh usko sehta
Sab wohi karte hain
Jo woh kehta
Sharukh Khan
ke bungle ka permission bhi
wohi deta
Hamare Desh ki unnati ka
Nam hai Neta
Ab Uncle aap batye
Main kyon na banoo neta

He told me the advantages of becoming a politician, wealth 400% in just a few years, buildings, industrial galas, showrooms, bungalows, sugar factories, educational institution, heart care hospital, IT technology, human cargo export, printing press, film production office, TV Sting chamnel, several local newspapers, chartered accountancy.. building construction, mining, he was carrying on ...
I put a hand on his mouth ..
And gave him my best wishes..
I also realised why multi colored kids are born smart

A Pain in the Neck Called You Telecom

Last night I left shop, but not before calling the You Telecom technicians that the net at my house was not working.Samiya had called to tell me this .
When I reached home it was a dead as a log, nothing had been done about it.Funny the guys incharge of You Telecom support dont even answer you e mail messages .
I hate to whine but I pay for the services and get a flying fuck with my clothes on in return.
I have come to my shop at 6.30am .
The guy in te picture is seeking divine help , it has got nothing to do with You Telecom..
Even God cant get Help at You Telecom.

If Wishes Were Horses ....

These colored threads are known as Challas, you tie it at the window or gate of the Holy Shrine , a wish that you want or desire.On fulfillment of the Wish you will feed the poor or do what is humanly possible within your means.
This is something like tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree..
Tie the challa on his safe return from Iraq, Afghanistan, the irony is that people who make War sleep in four poster beds in the White House ..or 10 Downing street .The guy who fights for these people , this is definitely not a War of Independance for your own country ,sleeps in bunkers with no saying when he will be shot by a snipers bullet or by a handshake of a suicide bomber.
This is War .
Peace says RIP on the Mound of Man.
Weapons of Mass Destruction at any given time if you search for them you will find them legally available in your own backyard.
Yes on Campus when he next shoots all those kids and teachers..
You have everything but are still searching for Intelligence...
Long Live Guns Long Live Arms ..

I am now going home..

Do Women Have Brains?

menstrual memories
meritricious moments
massacred modesty
blood flowing from
cut veins
schitzophrenic susceptibility
the feminine soul sustains
he nudged me the devil
asking me gloatingly
Do Women have Brains ?
Made as leisure doll
a playmate for Man
by a Manlike God
Women her Heart
her soulessness
bound in chains
gives birth to Man
Called Primal Mother
All wounds hurts her womb
the serpent seed contains
her body parts synchronizing
her labour pains
yes woman carved out of Beauty
but with no brains
said the Devil
sitting on Paradise Lost
its archaeological remains
chuckling clapping his hands
woman made for profit
through mans loss
his ungodly gains
as she dances to mans tune
the greater man god she entertains

this is how poetry happens to me through a single image of a woman at Hussain Tekri Jaorah, completely possessed by the Devil bound in chains..
as the Exorcist on her soulless body more torture trains ..
As I post this I ask myself
Do Women Have Brains?