Thursday, April 19, 2012

Super Star Rajesh Khanna Ke Super Hit Gane

Created By: Madhu Matharu

Jaawani O Deewani - Aan Milo Sajana

Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye - Anand

Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai - Daag

Chingari Koi Bhadke - Amar Prem

Main To Kuch Bhi Nahi - Daag

Roop Tera Mastana - Araadhna

Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi - Khamoshi

Yeh Lal Rang - Prem Nagar

Yeh Reshmi Zulfien - Do Raaste

Yeh Shaam Mastani - Kati Patang

Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana - Andaz

Chal Dariya Nmein Doob Jayen - Prem Kahani

Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se - Ajnabee

Duniya Mein - Apna Desh

Main Ek Chori Too Meri Rani - Raja Rabi

Mere Naseeb Mein Aye Dost - Do Raaste

Mere Sapno Ki Raani - Aradhana

O Mere Dil Ke Chain - Mere Jeeevan Sathi

Sacchai Chup Nahi Sakti - Dushman

Ye Jo Chilman Hai - Mehboob Ki Mehndi

Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai - Kati Patang

Yeh Raat Hai Pyasi Pyasi - Chhoti Bahu

Zindagi Ka Safar - Safar

Chal Chal Chal Mere Saathi - Haathi Mere Saathi

Sunjaa Aa Thandi Hawa

Baghon Mein Bahar Hai

Kora Kagaz Tha

Mere Sapnon Ki Rani

Sajna Saath Nibhana

Danton Tale

The God Of Great Acting Rajesh Khanna ..

Dam Madar Malang of Peace

life is long journey trial and error
search for peace end up with terror
hope humanity good news bearer

She Waits For Me To Come Home .. Nerjis Asif Shakir

She loves her dad my eldest son , they share the same day as their birthday.. 17 July..

She is my second grand child sister of Marziya Shakir.. when Marziya was born I shot her myriad moods , her nuances as they filtered onto my poetic soul.. I showed Marziya Shakir my world of beggars hijras and the despair lodged in the throat of a poor human being.

I took Marziya Shakir into the slums made her share her sweets with the urchins , but sadly with Nerjis Asif Shakir I had to stop all this , no animals , no strangers no adventure ..

She is under observation , she is not well vulnerable , wary, she smiles and watches my world hung from my waist.

I shoot her less , till date since the day Marziya Shakir was born in 4 years I shot 13000 pictures ..but Nerjis Asif Shakir I shoot selectively carefully trying to read her mind she reads my mind, I will give you an example dont freak out, I wanted to call a producer friend I had done some work of his calling him was at the back of my mind but I could not get myself to do it, Nerjis takes my phone she loves pressing the keypad and the number she calls is that of my producer friend.

She comes in the mornings at about 8 am, with her sister and than it is laptop time playing with the keyboard and the mouse...

The fascination for the camera like an umbilical cord that connects to me and I will tell her Button Dabao.. press the button she will hit the shutter button with both hands.

When she gave birth I posted her pictures at Facebook and Google+ but I did not call her Facebook baby, on the first day of her birth I launched her on Google+ as Google+kid ..the youngest blogger on cyberspace .

And she completes the cycle of my life we both are Malangs a Sufi state of mind and perception , we are attuned to each others thinking, I feed her grapes oranges and exotic fruits a little bit for taste only..

She is off cats dogs goats we had a tiny pet I gave it away the day she was diagnosed with an ailment that her immunity protection was not adequate.. but she fought back, she is recovering gradually ..

And this is my first blog of the day it is 5.56 am.

I will blog some more time hit the sack wake up when she comes to wake me up with Marziya Shakir ..

My other grand daughter Fatima Zaira loves me a lot, but I lover her too..however the bonding of souls from within and without is with this Google+kid..

Normally when kids are born the eunuchs come for taking good luck money but eunuchs dont come to my house.. My guru is a eunuch but she has not seen my grand children she is a socialite and nowadays guest at the American Consulate for talks on transgender.

It is only on Sundays I bring Nerjis Asif Shakir and teach her street photography, do you need a camera to shoot pictures , No ... first you learn to see observe feel gather assimilate ..the camera cant do that on its own..

This is my way of teaching a 9 month old child the meaning of street photography.

My grand children will be great photographers simply because I taught them value for life is greater than value for money..

I teach them humility and pain and sadness I let it enter their minds souls now that there are no iron rods on their consciousness I have removed all blinkers ..

Welcome to the World of Street Photographers of Bandra..

Shooting the superstar Rajesh Khanna

“Itna pyar achcha nahi, Babu Moshay, ham sabhi rangmanch ki kathputliyan hai...”

The Common Man Carry's The Burden of The Politicians Sins

Indian Food Is The Best Aphrodisiac

Polio Drops

The Hijab Is The Only God Friendly Garment Of Peace

Newspapers Have Destroyed The Soul Of Humanity With Paid News

Indians Carry The Karmic Weight of Another Mans Sins