Sunday, March 29, 2009


Cry, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

on the silver screen
decked up glorified
on the soul of humanity
that have scorched
all human pride
children of a lesser god
to save them hard he tried
the bleeding earth
their paradise
he came he wept
a savior crucified
with him
all their hopes
too died
a celluloid dream
taking them for
an unending ride
a beggar bowl
that lies empty
by their side

dedicated to Dr Glenn Losack MD and Dr Robi Ludwig Cry America

Mother - Madhurima Ma

mother of the hijras
madhurima ma
on the way
to the holy shrine
a moment of godliness
a moment very divine
haji malang
a hijra moment combine
every moment to
touch him
we his children pine
bent backs
bent heads
till he gives
a solemn sign
the hijra race

An Attempt to Poetize Pain

calling out
to hussain
the blood flowing
from the brain
in a grain
an attempt
to spiritualize
my eternal pain
an attempt
to poetize my pain
tears on the soul of karbala
where truth was slain
so that for all eternity
Islam as Islam remain
free from accursed Yazidi chains
the blackest chapter of our history
as our blood explains
tabarrah on the killers
of imam hussain
through streets bylanes

Hussainiyat In His Eyes

a landscape of pain
when the blood dries
as ghame hussain
Hussainiyat in his eyes
a tragedy for which
eternity cries
the new name of Peace
verily a soothing
spiritual paradise
as long as evil lives
yazidiyat never dies
through bombs
suicide bombers
on humanity
to surprise
a hidden face
of a mass murderer
Satan in disguise
the world in his evil vice
not peace but everlasting war
that he sells and buys
deathly demise
the unborn childhood
on the threshold
of this peaceful planet
forced to pay the price
rogue custodians
of religiosity
animosity on the rise
on the soul of our spirituality
tears from bleeding skies
an out of sync script
surely needs to be improvised