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I Shot Pictures To Poeticize The Soul Of Memories

fleeting moments I tried to freeze 
as they touched me holistically 
now they have come back to life 
through my poetry ,,,what I saw
on the viewfinder you too can see

The Greatest Humble Matamdar of Hussain -Ali Shah Bhai of Mumbai

Before entering Imamwada from the JJ end you had to pass this iconic sabil and invariably you would find Ali Shah bhai with his friends brothers preparing Niyaz and when he saw me , he would ask me to come in , and thus we chatted , he was a true Maulaiee , and he respected others who were lovers of Imam Ali like him , he mostly hung around with Jalal Mamu and all the Shia kids wanted to do matam like them.. both were devout passionate about Ghame Hussain,.

I had not met Ali Shah Bhai for a very long time but I  knew he was not well and he suffered his fate in silence ,, I can never forget him I spent some great times with him at Jaorah Hussain Tekri.. and this is another memory within the memory of Moharam in Mumbai 2009.

zanjir video

Ali Shah Bhai.. Is Now A Memory Within A Memory

This was shot in 2009 Moharam in Mumbai  and I met Ali Shah Bhai this was his Sabil close to JJ Hospital and his family house , he offered me niyaz , his hospitality was sincere from the heart and he liked me though he was low profile never liked to be photographed but I was lucky I shot his pictures and these are memories woven within memories of Moharam..and I shot sets and storyboards ..I wanted my pictures to be seen as such , and this morning I had to go to town to help a dear friend buy a camera , he needed my advice so I took him to Reliable stores and after he had bought the camera I spent sometime at my camera club PSI.
From there I headed to Imamwada to pay my respect to late Ali Shah bhais brothers and family , but I met another friend Guddu near Moghul Masjid and he said the entire family is at Yari Road at Ali Shah Bhais house ,,
And there is his Teeja Majlis  tomorrow 11 October at Moghul Masjid ,, at 3 pm I think.. one needs to confirm before going .

So I returned home…

Ali Shah The Lion Of Mumbai ,,, Remembered

I shot this in 2011 at Hussain Tekri Jaorah and I am indebted to a friend who took me along with him as I was totally broke I had gone through a very bad phase in Life .. I still am trying to come out of it , I made some professional errors and I had to pay dearly ,,
And this was Chehlum the 40 the day of the Martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain commemorated passionately at Hussain Tekri .. most of the Shias from Mumbai throng this place as they get an evening to catch up with the intense Chehlum in Mumbai too.
It was pretty tough to get accommodation here and I met Ali Shah bhai , his brothers have a lodge here , he asked me to come and stay with him he has a home at Jaorah , I politely refused as I was with friends who had bought me here..and Ali Shah Bhai and I got along very well as Jalal Mamu knew my dad Mohomed Shakir Sab from Colaba Strand Cinema .. and my father was well known among the Shia migrants from Lucknow settled in Mumbai.
I am a traditionalist photographer and I used to…

Nazma 3 Year Old Muslim Beggar Bandra

Perhaps she remembers my camera that shot her in her mothers lap sleeping in the hot sun , begging on Fridays on this side lane at Bandra Bazar Road that leads to the Sunni Mosque at Bandra Reclamation and on the further end to the Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque ,,and she hopes they will giver her alms ,, she still from moring till late noon , than she move towards the Bandra Shia Khoja mosque ,,more rich Muslims here goes without saying.. the business class of Mumbai.

I have recently started shooting videos of Muslim beggars let them tell their story instead of my words ,, that may be poetically exaggerated .. metaphysical or simply hyperbolic..

I was in a hurry but shot another young beggar mother and childs video.. all my videos are on You Tube ,,