Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Star is Born

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a cub of a lions cub
now a lion reborn
ushers a new dawn
in the world of poets
politics may he live long
aditya thackeray
to the new world order
peace hope humanity
has sworn the yuva sena
following him along
we are all marathi manoos
whatever caste color
religion we belong
jai maharashtra
is also our heritage
our karam bhoomi
our lifelong song
you and the youth of today
will correct all wrong
make our nation
healthy pure and strong
mumbai will always
be mumbai
it is only the myopic
who would want it to
become Shanghai
or Hong Kong

Documenting Shiasm Through Pictures

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When Moharam begins I confess without guilt it rains Shiasm on my Flickr photostream or at my Facebook updates , but my documentation is of a photo journalist nature barring my Shia poems , I dont ever proselytize my faith or religiosity , I dont believe in conversions nor do I take kindly to conversions.. it is all a matter of personal choice.

I know whatever the odds or the drawbacks of a mans choice I would not be happy if I was not born a Shia .. it is my perspective of Humanity and it has made me what I am, I shoot Hinduism and I call it Hope and Hindutva a Message of Peace and Humanity, I cannot be racist or biased I love my culture my origins and the inheritance of my birth as a Hindu Shia from Hindustan.

I shoot Hinduism as passionately as I shoot my own faith because my Hindu brother deserves the same treatment in my pictures as I show of my own community.

I shoot the Idd Namaz , I shoot Sufism I shoot Christianity I show you the by lanes of all religion and rituals and I am a working man , I have no second source of income , all my friends from town will go to Damascus for Chehlum I cant afford it I give it a skip.. reality is more important than a death wish.

My Karbala lies in India I discover Hussain the love of his people in Chennai or the cities I shoot each Ashura ,this Chehlum I am trying to either go to Jaorah or Bangalore all depends on the karmic wheel of my fortune or misfortune , or I will be cutting my heads on the streets of JJ Hospital with Habib Nassers anjuman.

I think my photography is predestined I can only shoot what I was destined to shoot ,no two ways about it..I am a normal human being with no armband that advertises my Shia back ground I shoot the underprivileged the beggars and the Hijras too, I shoot Humanity and the camera is my inner vision of the world live in.

I did not want to shoot Ali Reza Shirazis juloos Mount Mary , I was in a miserable state of health due to my diabetes and my blood sugar and changing weather condition s that accelerate my asthma but I shot it anyway , though the next morning was real bad as an aftermath.

I get people wanting me to come and shoot their juloos but some areas are to far away and I walk barefeet most of the time so it is tough, and than my work which is in a more bad health than am in..but God provides.

So shooting Shiasm is a chapter and it never ends, this juloos diid not have children cutting their heads , or hardcore zanjir matam that I prefer to shoot dont blame me.. I shoot Bajkra Idd as passionately as I shoot Moharam simply because no body cringes when they see goats bleeding , crying out in pain.. and yet Shia human blood gets on the goats of the Wahhabis.. and other Shia hating elements in society.

And nobody cares a damn when Muslims lustfully kill Muslims , bring down Shia mosques , and I shall leave it at that..
We shed our blood only to show you that terrorism tyranny and hatred from the times of Yazid exists till date unabatedly and there is a eunuch silence from the minarets to stop this scourge and menace from spreading like a virus.

Now you know the difference between a two dimensional picture and the three dimensional blog.. yes it could sound like a rant... but it is not from the pulpit of religiosity but from the grassroots of human pain and remorse.