Monday, October 17, 2011

Everybody Is Scared of the Sorcerer

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sab ko hai
inse dar
jo inhe dekhta
bhagta ghar
chote mote
blogger inko
kehte hai sir
inka dil
sange mar mar
jo inse takraye
pasine se tar
yeh hain
blog ke
waqt ke
hum bhi
nahi bhulenge
inhe zindagi bhar

What I See Through The Keyhole of My Camera You Will Never See

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my passion
my pathos
her poetry
her thoughts
her memories
that she
left for me
her vibrant
her mirth
her glee
the phone
in my hand
the camera eye
searches for her
across the horizon
beyond the sea
enslaved doomed
deleted while
she is free

I Was Fucked The Day I Was Born...

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I am a barefeet poet
I shoot Garbage Porn..
in a gutter water
I am a Sinking Swan
bad times remain
all good times gone
my cosmic fate
my enemy sworn
half living half dead
my birth I mourn
my deleted dreams
bloated airborne
limpid lusterless
loveless lovelorn

She is Hiding Somewhere

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totally fake
her love
was a
she was cruel
to love her
i dared

I Loved Her Like Rain Drops Quenching a Thirst

Mr Shakti Kapoor Has Been a Great Support in My Life And Career

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I hold Mr Shakti Kapoor in the highest esteem we have done some crazy films .. where I have added my two bits in his clothes , and every year on Idd I send Mr Shakti Kapoor Chicken Biryani and Sheer Korma..

He has been like family to me has given me good advise and guided me always ,,now that Siddhant Kapoor his son is taking a big step walking the path of his Dad I wish him all the best..

This Ends My Master Chef India 2 Indi Blogger Meet Series

Aye Mohabat Tere Nam Par Rona Aya

Before God Created The Stomach He Created Food

Table Saja Ke Rakhna Khana Paka Ke Rakhna..Lene Tujhe O Gori Aayenge Tere Sajna

What Really Is Blogging..It Is Touching Humanity Through Words AndPictures

Blogging is healing making the world happier , making the world smaller , blogging is not a contest or a competition.. blogging is a partnership between the humility of the blogger and the generosity of the viewer.. it is the non photographer the non blogger ,. the reader coming via Google Search that infuses faith and our belief encourages us to be more positive even in our so called over dramatic rant.. we all need to let out steam.. but the stream should energize another mans soul too.. I am a blogger but I am a photographer a poet too .. above all I am human to my faults .,. I dont consider other peoples faults I only know my flaws my faults.. the blog is a catharsis of sorts.. And I am writing this as I move into another mold of my life ..I will be blogging less , I wont have time yes I am on the threshold of selling my free soul to Mephistopheles .. I was free for over 17 years and now at the age of 58, I am opting for a secure position in life without the perks of blogging.. I will tell you later this is just the beginning.. before I lose my freedom but not the maneuverability of my expression.. I am not a Hangout or a Forum guy and it has been over two months now since I locked my all time shop at Facebook moved back to Google+Flickr is my domicile and Twitter pimps the essence of my blogging soul.. I wont dig my nose or fart on Twitter not yet..