Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Fatwas To Bomb The Soul of Muslim Womanhood

the muslim women
was condemned
much before
she was born
her life from
beginning to end
a textbook
tattered and torn
her soul
by the clergy
a fatwa
on the death
of her womanhood
they have sworn
killing her and her child
regressive attitude outworn
a eunuch silence prevails
no eunuch willing to take
the bull by its horn
fortitude forlorn
tears on the soul of islam
the muslim woman mourns

The Painted Wail

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She was born in the slums close to my house , she was known as Asif, she was precocious , she was effeminate I dont know the rest of her story , but she became a hijra baptized as Reshma .

The day I met her at the wedding function in the slums where she was performing , she was totally in very high spirits , but beneath the paint and her make up was a gnawing pain..she was sad morose and introspective.

Changing your sex becoming a woman is quite different from changing or not changing your sex and becoming a hijra.. being a hijra I am told is becoming one with oldest ethnicity as old as Man himself.

So the title of this post is Painted Wail.

born as male
with the angst
of a woman
a pulverized
emotion on
a musical scale
held in the grasp
of a soul female
painted wail
the hijras tale
her god had failed
in a fragile glass bottle
her body jailed
dancing on shards
of glass a hijra
veiled the world
on a violent sea
of raw emotions
mastless she sailed
pony tailed