Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shahenshah Baba

Shahenshah Baba
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Shahenshah Baba comes from a family of famous Rafaees or body piercers.
He is the most agile Bawa , friendly and one of my favorites.We first met at Ahmed Ghadially Chowk at Haji Malang Dargah

A Million Dollar Smile

A Million Dollar Smile
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this is the ultimate triumph of a smile over pain
a souless heart and a heartless brain
hope hidden in a sheaf of grain
children born in captivity
bound in chains
tears frozen is all that remains

She begs for Medicine

She begs for Medicine
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at the Irani restaurant new pahelvi
at bandra bazar road ...
life takes a spin
the poor muslim woman
a doctors prescription in her hand
begs for money
to buy some medicine
the human soul precariously dying
the ailments of the flesh
the thickness of the skin
religiosity clinging
to a straw in a flooded recycling bin

Man a Prick in the Wall

Man a Prick in the Wall
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bricks homeless shelterless
divert the attention of my eye
bricks that are mortal but wont die
crumble become sand
a thought man sleeping
wont deny
man brickless homeless shelterless
is dead the day he is born
dont ask me why
enslaved to money
on a materialistic hgh
the air he breathes he has to buy
polluting the earth and the sky
man a godly mistake gives way to a lie
from the frying pan into the fire
burnt to fry
man that god made
as the fall guy
in the garden of eden
woman an apple
and a serpent
who came by
took away our godliness
our spiritual happiness
on the sly..

Tears on the Soul of Karbala

Tears on the Soul of Karbala
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perhaps in her dreams she sees what we dont see
tears on the soul of karbala our pain our poetry
hussain who gave a new start and set the ummah free
from yazidiyat its corruption and its unislamic heresy
muslims love killing muslims different branches
of a single tree rooted to Allah his munificene
his omniresence a thought we all agree
they were muslims who killed hussain
the beloved grandson of the holy prophet
they know but yet disagree
karbala is a fight for truth justice equality
and not a political quest for supremacy
he gave his head but not his hand
from a battle a loaded dice he did not flee
now dont ask why the shias are different
despite the sectarian disparity
more human, more emotional ,
shedding blood sweat and tears
hussain thy name humanity
the life line of our sorrow ghame hussain
1400 years alive and kicking on parity
trampling underfoot yazidiyat
its pride and vanity -
shiasm an oasis of a spiritual sanity

Our Faith Ahle Bayt

Our Faith Ahle Bayt
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a hand on her little chest
ya hussain sweet silence
on her lip-shah ast hussain
beyond yazids bargaining chip
hussain thy name is humanity
against yazidiyat we are
well equipped
every land is karbala
everyday is ashura
a thought you cannot skip
ghame hussain her heritage
with ahle bayt her kinship
marziya shakir afloat
on a dreamy trip
hussainiyat a path that leads
to Allah ..
our anchor and our ship
we bow and worship