Monday, February 7, 2011

My Hand Is Molesting The Soul of My Poetry

Blogging The Soul of Humanity at Hussain Tekri Jaora

Thirst Is What Came First

Shooting The Street Poetry of Life

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Hussain Tekri is a street photographers paradise you have so many things happening here simultaneously, and if you shoot with discretion caution, you could shoot eternity of pain remorse morbidity.

You shoot hope , raw emotions inner struggle and an entire gamut of man and his strength and frailty at the same time.

So now you knbow why as a photographer as a poet I shoot pain , and cant shoot landscapes , bees humming sunflowers sunrise and sunset, I shoot inscetsts wild orchids that are the children of a lesser god, urchins the neglected the battered and the bruised.

And that is why I understand a pain of a photographer a white man an American Jew million miles away from me in Manhattan New York.

Street photography makes you read minds, you break through all cosmic barriers and read the poetry of life before it will register you shoot it as a picture.

Holistic Healing In The Sewer Pond of Hussain Tekri Jaora

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I shot this from an opening in the partition that was placed around the pond.

Earlier I was warned not to take pictures of this pond, by the overseer of the pond, had I met the demands of the overseer given him Rs 200 I think I could have shot without any problem, but I was flat broke I had come here thanks to Ali Reza Shirazi and Hyder Bhai , they paid my expenses my ticket , I only paid for my journey back to Mumbai such was the dire straits I was in.

This was am accidental trip on my own I would have not made it at all, so I am grateful to my Shia friends, I hardly have friends , being a private person I stay to myself.

The lodging here during Chehlum time is at its highest peak, unless you sleep on the streets or in the fields nearby, the winter chill too can kill you, but here people come to live and not die.

Such is the magic of Hussain Tekri Jaora ..and I was here a single night a single day and I shot pictures pertaining to my faith and pictures pertaining to holistic healing such as these.

Hussain Tekri could be termed as Mela or fair for those who came here thinking it to be a Urus, the Shias came for Azadari or matam, the Hindus to seek salvation from Hussain and the other Shrines ..

The crowded Shrines in terms of exorcising the demon was at Hazrat Abbas and at Bibi Fatima s rozas respectively.

For blessings and other benefits they all thronged to Imam Hussains roza and that of his sister Bibi Zainab.

The Shamans exorcists malangs healers were available at Hazrat Alis roza and it is from here cutting into the fields I trekked to Chabbuk Sharif another holistic healing Shrine.

As I have had serious problems with possessed people here seven years back, I was very cautious about who I shot or what I shot.

I tried not to provoke the Hazri , as the possessed people are called here.

Yes Hussain Tekri is a place to research, document every soul here is on a mission , every soul has a story to tell.

I mind read their pains their struggle and I showcase it through the silence of my pictures as eloquently as I can... silently.

Exorcising My Demons At The Devils Stump Tree

An Important Explanation Here At Flickr.Com

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There are many of you who add me at Flickr as contact in good faith I know you guys are good people, seeking warmth hope and humanity like me , , and you wonder why I block you instead, nothing personal it is a matter of principle your photostream , your choice of pictures your favorites are incompatible with my own choice..I do noot wish to stand out as a sore thumb among your contacts.

I have nothing against your sexual preference your taste your love for male genitalia, your fetish, your love for veiled women with voluptuous boobs , but I want to be no part of being a bisexual gay hijra lesbian or trans gender or cross dresser does not bother me I am 56 years old and know what I want in life .. I shoot hijras the gay pride because I respect all people but your pictures your idiosyncrasies quirks are your personal prerogative I do not want to be party to it..

At least read a persons profile and respect his privacy as he respects yours..

And had you read my profile before you added me it would have saved you the confusion and the unanswered to why I am blocking you..

Sometimes I wish Flickr had Facebook features as simple as Add Or Ignore a friend , but than Flickr wakes up too late to the changing world and that is why Facebook has gone beyond Yahoo and Google such a short time.

I am no more using Facebook for personal home as a blog is hope Flickr makes blogging an essential part of ones choice than merely showcasing pictures as a photo gallery.

Without a profile an avatar something about yourself I will not add you in return at all...

Rangeele Mastan Baba and Me

The Day I Die My Blogs Will Die Too

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deleted forever
from flickr
i came i saw i flew
leaving behind
unfulfilled memories
in the heart of
an american jew
my best friend was not
a muslim but
peace loving
shia loving hindu
from a world of pain
human suffering
i finally withdrew
a barefeet beggar
with a camera
as a beggar bowl
my images i outgrew
white washed
but hardly new
i gave the beggar
the electrifying hijra
his due my world
a motley crew
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
its true

If I Could Only Tell You Why I Shoot What I Shoot

Zindagi Tawe Pe Jalti Hui Ek Chapati Hai

kabhi hum use khate hain
kasbhi woh hame khati hai
sulagti hui ag kya kya
manzar diikhati hai
ap to kharate le lete hain
hame neend nahi athi hai

We Cry We Have No Bed Till We Find Someone Who Has No Sleep

Hindu Followers of Imam Hussain

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Hindu followers of Imam Hussain is not about religion, he is proud Hindu, follows his faith his gods , deities but he believes in the holistic power of Hussain.

For him Hussain is the Mind Soul Body doctor he has come here to get his ward healed , and there are many here living on the roads , they have bought their demonically possessed children relatives , to get the loban smoke at the Holy Shrines of Hussain Tekri Jaora.

As a photographer I mind read their struggle , their problems , they have no issue with fate, they are not here for conversion , they have tried all doors now as a last resort they have come to Hussain Tekri Jaora.

This is India , spectacular ,simple without hate bigotry or suspicion, its a hospital and it is beyond caste color or religiosity.

You have to be an Indian to understand this gift of life and life here after.

Here Allah and his own provider live side by side without barrier fence or separation, and this is what I came to shoot along with my Moharam participation during Chehlum.

I cut my head ferociously a Shia ritual known as Kama zani along with the Kashmiri Shias I bled profusely, and though there are dep furrows on my head though my wound bleeds time and again , it has healed.

From here I took the trek to a Chilla of Chabbuk Sharif barefeet and captured pain in all its color and hue.

This is part of my backlog of pictures I am completing at my photostream .

Marziya Shakir The Dagger Kama Zani

The Dagger and Marziya Shakir Kama Zani

The Wild Orchids Of Hussain Tekri Jaora/Chabbuk Sharif

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I had kept this section of Hussain Tekri Jaora on hold, these are Hindu followers of Imam Hussain , waiting in a long line to get food from the Hyderabadi Irani langar at Vasi Lodge .

I could go on shooting them simply because of their rustic robust spirituality they believed in their Hindu gods but added Imam Hussain as one of their benefactors and savior.

And being the last day of Chehlum the langar continued all day, this was my second trip to Hussain Tekri after 7 years and Ali Reza Shirazi and Hyder bhai wanted me to come to the Chilla of Chabbuk Sharif about 3 km walk, I walked barefeet ...

The story goes an Englishman used to ill treat the workers at his farm in Hussain Tekri and from the Shrine of Hazrat Ali the whip flew and beat the Englishman , so the small Shrine in remembrance is called Chabbuk Sharif.

People who are under demonic spells come here to be healed and cured.

Fuck Dont Blame Me If You Dont Have A Sense of Humor

fruit of the loom
covering his genitalia
covering his shame
sex is a commodity
rest is game
libido bursting aflame
he saw he surrendered
eventually he came

Now An Activist Might Accuse Me Of Treating Oranges As Hijra Tits

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my bejeweled hand
in most of my pictures shows
that the picture was shot by me
to those who dont know
some love to go down
trumpets blow although
a poetic pause
a seminal flow
hijras are men
god could not create
on their own initiative
tits they grow
feminine emasculated
almost a pro
i visited them in peela house
heena salma muskan
skin as soft as snow
a platonic blogger relationship
intermittently erratic fast and slow
a hijra guru who blesses me
each time i touch her feet
i kiss her toe
laxmi narayan tripathi
hijra goddess icon
who salman khan
wanted on the big boss show
an opportunity
for a greater cause
of hijra emancipation
she did forgo
art is as important as culture
fuck your dough
no menstrual machinations
no menstrual flow
neither man nor woman '
an androgyne all aglow

dedicated to my gay guru
ashok row a kavi
quid pro quo:

Mumbai's Beggar Poet Begs On The Street

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the camera as
a beggar bowl
a blog and a tweet
humidity and heat
black clothes
sartorial serendipity
totally barefeet
a silhouette of pain
a living winding sheet
beggars hijras vendors
comb sellers
on bandra streets
butchers of jj colony
chopping bulls meat
diabetic ally
cant consume
a bleeding head
his fate could
not cheat
shia hindu
jai shri ram '
he greets
hussain is humanity
a journey complete