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My Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes

My Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I have been having diabetes for several years, I was prescribed insulin about two years back, a lot of other supplementary allopathic medicines ..

But on the insistence of my son in law Assad Dadan. I visited Dr Rekha J Paralkar an Ayurvedic doctor from Subhash Nagar Chembur..

I started her treatment a month back , I also continue with my insulin, she gave me a greenish herbal powder , that has to sorted into daily dosages twice before meals, along with a tablet Triglucord Forte ..before I visited her I took my blood sugar levels ..
on 17 June 2009 fasting 155 and post fasting 163,,,

After 17 days I went to meet her again with my new blood sugar reading
9 July 2009 fasting 81 and post fasting 192

She again me the same medicines for another 17 days , but reduced my evening insulin dosage from 12 units to 8 my morning dosage remains 10 units.

She has promised to gradually get rid my insulin completely.

I t…


22 RAJAB -KUNDEY KI NAZAR, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. My wife left for Lucknow day before yesterday, the morning of the heaviest rainfall of this season, , her only brother Mohomed Arif and his wife have become proud parents of a girl child.
Last night my elder daughter in law from Lucknow in the absence of my wife,made these sweets known as tikiyas and the Kundey ki Nazar was performed by my son Asif Shakir

About 22 Rajab and Kundey Ki Nazar

22 Rajab: The concept of Nazr in Islam (Koonday)

In the name of Allah, the beneficent the merciful.

The word NAZR is an Arabic word which means "an offering," in its verbal form it will mean "to offer" or "to make a spiritual vow."

Note that NAZR is used in Arabic in a totally different meaning also - "to warn," that is not in this context. Therefore, we leave that for the time.

The Glorious Qur'an has used the word "NAZR" in both meanings. …

Racial Profiling - Hijras and Me Shown the Door

Racial Profiling - Hijras and Me Shown the Door, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. At first
I was nominated
later along with the hijras
bag baggage and all
I was shown the door
pimping for my own blogs
was a jarring musical score
in a white mans world
its is a white mans law
racial profiling hard core
who cares for hijras
or hijra eunuch blogs
awards that suck
make you sore
racism exists
in the soul of a white heart
hate for a black man at the core
good bad and the ugly
my thoughts
based on my past
life a pedestrian whore
they fuck and forget you
rights of admission
reserved for dogs and blacks
before you register vote
read the sticker on
this racist online store
behind the facade lies the devil
a white face more evil
like never before

A mailing list is what sells
what do you take me for
fragmented genius
truth is a bitter and sweet pill
live learn and explore

"En quête de Paix au Paradis"- Naneh Lala

"En quête de Paix au Paradis"- Naneh Lala, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. image courtesy

I received a request from a French poet Naneh Lala on Facebook ..

Hello Mr Shakir
I am a French speaking poet. I have taken the liberty of translating your beautiful text for Iran’s Neda. I would need your permission to put it up on line, in French.

Below is the French text of your poem:

En quête de paix au paradis
L’esprit de la liberté vit
Etouffé, tabassé, piétiné,
Il vivra toujours
La mort vaut mieux que l’esclavage
Ecoute pleurer mon pays bien aimé
Mon peuple – à toi
Je dis au revoir
Moi, Neda, au cœur de l’Iran
Ne suis plus qu’un battement de cœur qui meurt
natarsim natarsim ma hame ba ham hastim
Répond un linceul en sang
Voix de la volonté du peuple d’Iran
Jamais régime diabolique ne pourra désavouer
Les larmes en fusion qui coulent aux yeux de l’homme
En quête de paix au paradis

Thank you