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Gunhegar Baba and Me .. Ismail Shah Baba Urus 2017


I Want to tell a Story ..a 18 Month Child And An Artist Called Ranjit Dahiya

My granddaughter Nerjis was 18 month old when she shot my dear friend Manuela Nessi against an iconic Bollywood Mural of Madhubala Anarkali at Chapel Road Bandra ..I always wondered about the artist but I had no clue I asked a person living across the wall but he was no help either . When Nerjis was 3 year old she shot Mr Amitabh Bachchan a wall painting at Waroda Road it was done by the same artist Ranjit Dahiya . Many years later I met Ranjit first time when he was painting the wall with another Bollywood icon Mr Devanand Taxi Driver we became friends and I told Ranjit I had documented his art at Flickr ..I am not an artist but I love shooting wall art ..I shot the wall art from Dadar till Mori Road ..walking barefeet . This evening I was sitting idle at home I decided to visit Ranjit at his house at Chapel Road and his 2 dozen cats .. He was making tea for me while I had taken jalebis and hot bhajiyas for him.. I started asking him what gave birth to the artist in him..he used to …