Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If You See A Colorful Man Limping Behind Lalbagh Chya Raja Today You Know It Is Me

Salman Khan Hits Bumper Lottery Anjane Main

This is My 146012 Photo Blog At Flickr Jai Ho Lord Ganesha

Unlimited Calls and SMS to Lord Ganesha

Gauri Goddess of Hope and Bliss

Important Notification

I have Decided Not To Add People Without Profile or Profile Picture here at Flickr and Facebook..Will not Add Hijras Gays Lesbians Trans gender ..My Cup Runneth Over

Ganesh Visarjan Juhu Chowpatty-Catching Up With My Back Log at Flickr

These are pictures I shot on Gauri Visarjan at Juhu Chowpatty and had to keep on hold to post my other stuff .

I am now keeping the Mount Mary street pictures on hold to post this here at .

Both The GSB King Circle Seva Mandal and GSB Ganeshotsav Samiti Wadala are on hold too,,

Vartak Nagar Dahi handi pictures are on hold too and a few pandal pictures of Bandra ..

Jesus Is Now A Mumbaikar Too

Jesus Watches Bandra ad Weeps

his people
kicked on the butt
sent to far flung
areas for keeps
jesus watches
bandra and weeps
the gaothans
where his east indians lived
throttled choke out
in their sleep
a jagged path
a pain blood seeps
a mortal wound
very deep
the builder
politician mafia
has taken
over the soul
of bandra
in one giant sweep
a matrix of evil
in bounds and leap

Who The F****Let My Blogs Out

Clyde DSouza Founder Marys Clan

Jesus Is A Blogger Too

Connecting his photo blogs through me to you
my pictures are his pictures he shot you view
he wanders barefeet streets of bandra
its true jesus dressed as a man
sometimes as a christian
sometimes as muslim also as a hindu
jesus the soul of humanity
beyond caste color or creed
giving god who created us his due
hung on the crucifix by man
punished for something
he did not do

This Is Me Caged Without Food And Water Just Blogs

Two Drums At The Price of One

Marys Clan - I Am A Deformed Alcholic Too

I gave up Booze 12 Years Back

Kab Tak Bajao Ge

muflisi ka hal hai
pareshan ho jao ge
duniya to meri
bajati hai
ab tum bhi
meri kab tak
bajao ge
reh jaoge
dil dariya
gand samandar
reh jaoge

If Only This Thought Had Entered Gods Mind Too He Would Not Erred

I Shoot Emotions Thankfully You See Them As Pictures