Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mumbai Police Pride of Maharashtra

The Mumbai Police Jai Ho

Flying Home On The Magic Carpet of Faith

The Perspective of Hope In Prayer

The Perspective of Hope In Prayer

The Perspective of Hope In Prayer

The Perspective of Hope In Prayer

The Perspective of Hope In Prayer

Guarding Us With His Life and A Stick

One of The Finest Cop I Have Ever Met in 58 Years

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His name plate on the breast read Patil he might be fro Khar Police Station , when a senior cop asked us not to shoot pictures from the Sky Walk he explained to me the risks and dangers to the Namazis below some crazy guy might throw something on them start a riot or drop something , and he was the kindest human cop I have ever met with his thoughts giving respect to me as a Muslim and to the Namazis below

He also told me about his native place Sholapur where the Hindus worship a Dargah and place green bangles on the Holy Saints tomb and his mother was a devotee and how on Ganesh Chatuthi they have Arti at the Dargah..

Now now you know why such human stories you wont read in newspapers only on photo blogs.

Thank You Mumbai Police for outsourcing cops with Humanity like this ..and we will have good cops once the system changes and the common man does not have to take money from moneylenders to make his son a constable and that is when the cop starts earning back through the hafta system the money his parents staked on him..a common perception an opinion.

Their salaries living conditions are worse n benefits for their kids or family.

And these are people who sacrifice their lives for us..We remember them as political banners when they are shot down and become Martyrs to the Cause that kills them..

To become an Inspector is bigger bucks too also for a prime posting who do you blame when a rogue cop is caught in a ACB net ..the cop or the system.

So its time the people up thee did a re think on the lives of the common police man..he may not be as lucky as the common man called Sachin Tichkule..

The Wall Of Faith

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My life long desire has to shoot Idd Namaz at Agra Delhi Ajmer but it remains unfulfilled so I shoot close to home I had shot the Azad Maidan Idd Namaz almost 10 years back, but in all honesty shooting the Bandra Station Road Namaz is what I prefer and it is walking distance from where I stay I know all the people and the organizers so it has become a habit rather than a choice.

One place I can imagine with hordes of Humanity is the Jumma Masjid at Lucknow very close to a lot of shanties.

If I did not have a camera I would have not shot all this, ad I know a lot of friends with high end cameras who dont shoot anything at all, so it is strange world out there and the camera and photography is a matter of taste you inherit at birth or from your guru and you cultivate it like the musician however good you are or have a sonorous voice.This is known as Riyaz,

i always carry my camera so hardly miss anything that falls in the beggars bowl of my camera yes I am a beggar shooting beggars.

I dot sell my pictures nor do I give copies at all.

I shoot for the internet it is my online photo gallery and the bulk of my work over 1 Lac 43000 pictures are all on Flickr.Com.

Some are cross blogged from Flickr to my web sites on Wordpress Blogspot a few on Facebook and Twitter.

I am an Indian Shia Muslim I shoot all religion giving respect and receiving respect but a lot of times I receive brickbats for shooting the blood and gore of my Shia faith from the Wahabbis and other similar adherents and sometimes by the Wahabbi Shias for shooting the Hijras and my Hindu culture is the flip side of a blogger shooting pure undiluted photo journalism.

So in a way pictures the kind I shoot you wont see in newspapers inorder to shoot for newspapers you should be a master in shooting crap , I am learning just that by shooting garbage dumps in around Bandra this genre of my photography is known as Garbage Porn it titillates your base instincts though because the Municipality and the residents who throw garbage wear swine flu masks or blinkers they dot see it so I show all this to the rest of the wide cyber world.

Bandra some parts are the filthiest and nothing will ever change it when Marziya my two and a half year od grand daughter turns three I will start teaching her to shoot the garbage dumps of Bandra the greatest lesson in life and photography.

I also wish computers and photography and blogging be made compulsory at KG level..

I already began teaching my daughter all three before she was two year old Marziya is a page on Facebook with her Gmail Twitter accout and her own website on Word Press.

And in all humility Marziya shoots better pictures n my Nikon D 80 than the average photographer in a Pres enclosure.

So photography is world without walls without borders or barriers it showcases the best of God Man and Nature .

And this is the example of a Blog within the soul of a Bog..

As you begin shooting pictures you become as voluble in words and textual imagery they come on their own because each one of us is a poet and a playwright too through photography.

The Bloggers Signature Collection

Was I Shooting The Namaz Or The Soul Of Humanity ...

Namaz Connecting One Man to Another Man Through God

A Photographer Shoots Pictures a Poet Shoots The Soul Stirring Drama of Life

The Hindu Muslim Divide Does Not Exist

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This was shot by a friendly media guy he was silent reticent so I did not ask hs name I requested him to take the pictures of two Mystics a Hindu Sadhu and a Shia Pandit.

Both on our respective journeys but we do meet at crosscurrents of life and despite our religious diversity we belong to the one and only thinking human race..

So what better way to say Idd Mubarak or Happy Ganpati Bappa Morya on Idd Ul Fitr the Bandra Sky Walk while shooting the Idd Namaz.

Connected To A Supreme Moment of Spirituality

The Media The Blog And a Bystander

Pratik Koli The Most Fun Loving Blogger Friendly Media Photographer

I have some fabulous friends among media photographers and photo journos , and I have a healthy respect for most of them barring a few who hate us bloggers treat us as lepers and discards and this is a fact I have seen even now .

Of course I don't mess with them or they with me I ignore the as much as they ignore me.

I am not a pedigreed blue blood photographer but my two and a half year old grand daughter who is a street photographer is pedigree and this is a fact..Her teacher is an Americaan Jew Dr Glenn Losack MD .

He is in fact my teacher too.

As a photographer it is pictures we saw in newspapers that charmed us initially it was their pictures we saw and and mesmerized us completely,

But than all of them began shooting the same way each one copying the other so similar to club club and photographers the crass crept in and it continues...

As I dont have to appease a certain section of the public or political bosses or the photo editor I shoot what I want to shoot even if you dont like it simply because I shoot with my eyes and not your own..

I get a lot of messages some of appreciation others of hate I shoot the religious seasons under the sun giving each religion or faith utmost respect like my own Shia faith.

I met Pratik Koli on Facebook and it is just yesterday we exchanged mobile numbers he shoots me I shoot him , wherever whenever we meet..

I have never talked to him just Hi Bye ..I dont know anything about him where we meet there is no time for pleasantries , yesterday I thought I would take him home for Sheer Korma but he had disappeared.

My respect for this young versatile media photographer is akin to a father for his son and he is my younger sons age ..or maybe much younger.

He shoots the way he shoots I shoot my way but we are still connected through the camera the only instrument of peace hope and harmony.

And I hope his tribe increases so when new bloggers shoot the streets they get the support of the veteran Media photographers too, we are not here to compete with you but yes want to show our point of view and stand in solidarity with you as your brother within the same fraternity of creativity.

And I was speaking to Pratik a few minutes back I shall post this on his Facebook Wall,

A Photo Blog Takes You Into The Heart And Soul Of Man

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we dont have a times of india
press card or a mumbai mirror
middday HTA DNA press cards
or a similar placard
or high end cameras lenses
that they give to their wards
a few pictures to appease
the photo journalists ego
in the next morning newspaper
as their paid salaried reward
but we too do what they do
we give freely without
keeping anything back
our egos or our
cameras we dont need to
perhaps that's why
seeing us shooting
the soul of humanity
hits them hard
with or without
an identity card
our newspaper
flickr facebook twitter
our publishing blog yard
not one but 500 pictures
as a story board
without canard
you give an inch we
give a yard
so for gods sake
stop Google searching
for bloggers in a graveyard

says this braveheart barefeet blogger die hard
butt kicked ass mangled bruised and scarred

A Message For Rev Terry Jones Church of Hate Florida

Jo Firm The Rev. Paul Hanson, a retired pastor, said it well in this morning's Billings Gazette: "Muslim terrorists do not represent the heart of Islam any more than the Klu Klux Klan represents American Christianity."

Quote Courtesy Nabila Khanam.

This should be posted on the racist posterior of Terry Jones who wanted to burn the Holy Koran in Florida..

Good sense prevailed he gave up the blasphemous idea..

Face To Face With The Inner Self and God

Shooting Namaz is Shooting Lifetime of Islam and the Muslim Man

Bandra Station Road Idd Ul Fitr Namaz 2010

Shooting The Bandra Station Road Idd Ul Fitr Namaz 2010

It Starts Raining Before The Namaz Begins

It Starts Raining Before The Namaz Begins

Additional Commissioner of Police Western Region Mr Amitabh Gupta and Me

Bandra Station Road Idd Ul Fitr Namaz 2010

Bandra Police Bandobast at Bandra Idd Ul Fitr Namaz

This Is My 143000 Photo Blog At Flickr.Com

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And I must this time thank my Nikon D 80 Camera that has made this task possible I regret habing sold my Nikon ED 80-200 2-8 prime lens.

I also wish that my Canon G9 camera was not stolen from me two years back it would have been ideal for Marziya my grand daughter two and a half year old street photographer.

And all these pictures you would have never seen at all if my mentor Dr Glenn Losack MD had not bought me the two year old Pro membership at Flickr.

And his being an American Jew and me an Indian Shia Muslim has not been a problem in our respect for each others faith.

And he is Marziya Shakirs main Guru ..he teaches her photography through mind waves or call it telepathy..