Thursday, October 22, 2009

If Wishes Were Horses Politicians Would Ride

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22 October 2009
your vote
will decide
who wins
who loses
who falls
by the side
amchi mumbai
our beloved city
already sucked dried
another round
of unfinished
your insides
false promises
false hopes
in the past
they have lied
when the city
was taken for
by terrorists
they slept
kicking our guts
our Indian pride
the city burn
from the ringside
martyred policemen
innocent dead
unnecessarily died
we put a terrorist on trial
a reality show world wide
justice a lady blind eyed
politics corruption
often go side by side
new schemes
to squeeze the poor
the builders lobby
waiting eagerly
for the returns
on the crores
they supplied
politics is purely about
money power
jo jeeta woh sikandar
more bodyguards
for themselves
for the miserable poor
well god will provide
as for mumbai
totally shanghaied

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