Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gods Real Name Is Mother

I have neither a mother nor a father , they passed away before they could see me succeed in life but in Life Mother is universal and one person who has never made me feel the loss of my mother is the humble mother of Advocate Ashish Shelar ..
She is always inquiring about my health, suggesting herbal medicine and diet control methods .
She loves my grandchildren Marziya has been her favorite ..she has seen my family grow she has blessed my grand kids , given them chocolates . I touch this saintly ladies feet ..she is Mother she is Aiee ,, This is my humble tribute to her ,, as a son too,

Kurla Rush Hour ,, Local Train

My Friend Tiger Gadiya

Happy Morning Happy Morning
he says round the clock .he
is king of finance debentures
stock.always eating kaju
badam kismis he jogs
plays tennis fiercely
the ball all over the
court he knocks
his best friends santosh
milind rapidly he talks
children women girls
love him ..Gadiya rocks
he wears sexy keds
with transparent socks
to get 10 bucks from
him all the watchmen
flock.Happy Morning
Happy Morning ..
Tiger Gadiya my
favorite kid on
the block..

My Muse

“I am a painter, 
Painting pictures all the time, 
Yet when I set them near Your beauty...
I want to throw them all away.” 
― Rumi

Marziya Shoots Maya Painting The Bandra Building

I encouraged both Marziya and Nerjis and the most important thing I taught them was never to get intimidated by the crowds around them or even photographers shooting the same thing..and to concentrate on the shot nothing else mattered .
All three including Zinnia were crazy about Maya and as our house faces the building she was painting , the kids would yell out to her Maya Maya ,her husband Thomas was real cool ,,and he was video shooting her , a daunting task that took several weeks ,I invited them for lunch , they were vegetarians but they could not make it ,,
All this is part of my set called Painted Walls at Flickr ,,I was so busy shooting Maya that I did not get a chance to shoot the artists working on the Dada Phalke mural at MTNL building Bandra Reclamation.
I have shot wall art at Mahim Dadar and other places in Bandra ,, and made my grandkids shoot it too.. as both love painting and craft..
I also hope those of you who have kids grandkids encourage them at an early age and let their inner art bloom on the canvas of joy and document it too so those moments will be revisited by your kids when they grow older ,,sadly I was so deep down in a bottle that I had no time for my own kids ,,I am making it up with their kids ,,learning photography is very easy its how you hold your camera that makes you a good photographer ,,the camera has to become aligned with your inner eye,,than the camera ceases to exist only the inner eye takes the shots ,, call it vision ,,or whatever ,,I demystified the camera ,,I told my grandkids the camera just a box .. it could do nothing by itself ,, they had to do what the camera could not do.. and they are not hung up on the camera like I am... is the only silver lining in disguise ,,

“Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty.” ― Rumi

This is my humble gift to a great friend since 2004 from Buzznet to Flickr ,, Facebook Twitter ,, Sadly I Dont Use Wordpress Benn Bell

“I saw many humans on whom there were no clothes, I saw many clothes in which there were no humans.” ― Rumi

“I learned that every mortal will taste death, But only some will taste life.” ― Rumi

The Barefeet Blogger - Fuck Shoes

For many years in my heydays I walked barefeet ,, and as I had to buy shoes for the actors I worked with the shoe shop guys at Linking Road .. would politely tell me to wear some footwear as it was embarrassing to their shoes on display ,
But they all knew me and when I did wear shoes before I went barefeet i wore a single black and a single white and exotic shoes made by Farukk Bhai and Hafeez bhai of King Shoes Linking Road .
I began wearing shoes recently after I took up a high end job I bought a pair of Hush Puppies ,,in 2011 I chucked up the job and again started walking barefeet ,, but than my diabetic condition worsened now I wear rubber slippers and I started wearing keds since Feb 2015,,,because of my rigorous walking regimen.
But I dont wear shoes or slippers during the Urs at Ajmer Sharif and 2 month 40 days of Moharam ,, I now wear Black clothes .. but finally after many years I will begin wearing saffron to shoot the Kumbh Mela at Nasik.. black is inauspicious during Shahi Snan..
This image was shot in 2009.. at Shoe Biz my friend Salim Bhais shop.. the one stop for all filmy shoes ,,

St Martins Road Bandra Revisited

These are pictures I shot way back in 2009.. and I did not know how to set my camera timeline so all these pictures posted at Flickr show the date I took them as 2007 ,,, and it remained like this for a long time .

Most of the pictures  shot in this lot belong to my street photography set at Flickr of over 65000 images , but it could be a lot more as most of the religious pictures of every faith I shot were street photography and I did not include them in this street photography set and from this lane heading towards Bandra Police Station was my old workplace and I shot St Martins Road as Marziya had her play school here and I would come to fetch her from school..

My photography at that time had no method to my madness ,it was highly impulsive ,, I never shot with an agenda nor did I need to pimp my photography  I shot for myself ,, with my camera with my fucked vision..

Whether people liked or disliked my pictures did not matter to me simply because I did not shoot them as pictures but story blogs ,, So I have a large treasury , archive of lost dead people,, memories that live breathe on my timeline ,,

I shot beggars I glorified their humility .. I shot Shiasm very passionately , but I shot Hinduism as passionately as I shot my own religion..I can never forget this house a Catholic lived in the house below he loved birds animals and was trying desperately to mate a white rat with a squirrel, long time back I would spend a lot of time in this bungalow ,,and the Bandra Bazar Road naryalwalas brother worked for him..