Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Was Once An Ornamental Fish In A Glass Aquarium

like a flowerhorn
restricted movements
lights dim..kept there
by him well fed lean
languidly swim round
round the vortex of
illusions emotive chaos
hopelessly soundlessly
singularly touching
the brim the mercy
of his masters whims
gyrating finless sinless
in the shadow of a
a solitary seraphim

My Father And My Mother .. The Shakirs Of Colaba

Both my parents father Late Mohomed Shakir and my mother late Shamim Shakir nee Abidi were migrants from Lucknow ,,, they made Mumbai their home destiny and now they are buried side by side at Rehmatabad Shia cemetery at Mazgaon..

My father kept my mother and me at the Kurla slums early 50s I was born in Lucknow came to Mumbai a year old , than my dad shifted us to Khatau Bhuvan Wodehouse Road Colaba 1955 ..from Colaba in 1963 he shifted us for a short while to Neelam Breach Candy and than our final family home 3 Mohini Mansions Strand Cinema ,,
3 sisters 4 brothers ..the long journey of the Shakirs of Colaba ..
After spending half my life at Stand Colaba I moved to Bandra in the 80s ,, I became a Bandra person .. my children all Bandraites grand daughters too born at Bandra and one in SOBO .

New Year Gift

give me death
fast and swift
from here to
the next stage
of my life let
me drift ..
the barriers of
pain seamlessly
shift ,, this would
be my best new
year gift ..
a very long journey
my soul adrift..