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Hum Hain Hindustani

Hum Hain Hindustani, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. allah keh lo
ya bhagwan kehlo
jo chahe kuch bhi kehlo
jai bhavani
jai bhavani
dil he saf to kya pareshani
hindu aur muslim
ke dilon pe khoon se likha he
hum hain hindustani
ek amriki ke dil pe
haji malang
ki bani nishani
aman shraddha
bhaichare ki
amar kahani
jai bhavani
jai bhavani

Marziya Shakirs Fourth Birthday 24 November 2011

Marziya Shakirs Fourth Birthday 24 November 2011, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 211,357 items / 1,754,778 views

Since last night ever since she went shopping with her mom to buy a gown for her birthday today, she has been on Cloud 9..

But this birthday to celebrated with her friends family will be without her favorite grandmother , my wife who has gone on a pilgrimage..

For Marziya birthdays is about new presents that would excite her more than anything, nowadays she is very friendly with our new next door neighbors daughter Zehra they both study in the same school..her other school friend is Mehreen Mukadam.. Tehseen Mukadams daughter.

And she has her sister 4 month old Nerjis Asif Shakir and Zaira Saif Shakir her Chachus daughter... as company.

First God Gave Vision Than Came The Camera

First God Gave Vision Than Came The Camera, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. This miniature camera was part of my camera collection , I had over 27 cameras that I gave it away for peanuts I had no place to keep them I was moving out of a six hundred squre feet shop into a much smaller one ..I sold all my old cameras , everything related to cameras for Rs 17000 ..

This little one I kept back it has now passed on to Marziyas sister Nerjis Asif Shakir , and it is this camera that magically taught her posture and camera ethics.. Marziya began using the Nikon D 80 since the age of two..she will never take the camera without putting the strap around her neck and she never had to crib or shoot with a broken lens ..

Marziya shoots with her eyes closed as she was trained to shoot pictures with a blindfold master darkness and light becomes easier to control handle ..I do not wish to glorify my grand daughter but luckily unlike me she wont read Anselm Adams or books on Fucked F s…

Mala MARATHI Honya Cha GARV Ahe!! Jai Maharashtra!

Mala MARATHI Honya Cha GARV Ahe!! Jai Maharashtra!, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. hi shastra saglya sathi
hindu muslim christian
dalit saglya sathi

mee marathi
mee marathi
tumchya hathat ak 47
majha poliemen
chya hathat
phakt lathi
mala garv ahey

mee marathi
mee marathi

Kim and Viola With Love From Denmark

I lost my phone BB while I was escorting Kim Jansen and Viola from Park Site to Marriott , we were sitting outside a shut shop on Sunday and the only person aware of our existence was the Bhaiyya selling Bhelpuri I had smiled nodded to him.,..We were waiting for Mr Santosh Shetty who told us to wait in the Marriott lobby for him , I was uncomfortable with the thought as I dd not want pesky questions from their security so my last call on my mobile was to Mr Santosh Shetty and Kim And Viola dragged me into the hotel as I sat down I checked my mobile it was not there I rushed back to the shut shop my mobile had disappeared and I knew the bhelpurri Bhaiiya knew about it , and he pretended he did not know it taking him to the cops was what I did not want so I let my mobile go .. I lost all the numbers and I had no back up..

This evening Kim and Viola came to my shop and presented me with a new mobile phone I did not want to take it m but they insisted ..and this was their love and affecti…