Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homeward Bound

an erstwhile minister
lost his buffaloes they
could no be found
the minister upset
angry quarrelsome
pulled up the cops
sent them searching
for his blue blood
buffaloes all over
the slaughter
houses abattoir
the cattle market
sweating cops
breaking their
 head to confound
their names anarkali
madhubala umrao jaan
soothing sensual
to propound ,,they
even searched the
opposition parties
godown a religious
leaders compound
but ministerjis buffaloes
could not  be found
they threw nets in
the gomti to see if
they had accidentally
drowned ..but a few
dead human bodies
were what they found
they called the bawas
malangs they also used
imported blood hounds
but ministerjis buffaloes
just could not be found
gold trinkets round their
necks manicured pedicured
pedigreed buffaloes ..arrived
out of the mist one fine
morning ..the very day
when ministerji had gone
out of town..led by the
court jester the urban
clown..whom the minister
had once named Firaoun


the owners of the cows
ill treat them let them out
streets they are forced to
plough  eat garbage
plastic this should be
disallowed dangerous
fall out killing cows is
certainly not the way out
they need animal shelters
where they can breathe in
breathe out  be healthy
robust stout give milk
live happily throughout

Politicians Hate Shoes The Moment It Comes Flying At Them They Report Abuse

standing on the dais
the politician warily
watches the faces
in the crowds
now which
mother fucker
will hurl a shoe
or a slipper
he wonders
the common man
angry for being
cheated robbed
pillaged of his vote
hurt bruised has
the only option in
his emasculated
power the shoe
on the face of
his adversary
the left or the right
which one
to choose ..
he has nothing
to lose democracy
a parliament of
fools on the loose
the common man stares
his head sticking out of
the noose ..kolhapuri
chappal ya nakli chamde ke
shoes ..common man netaji
se bhi bada makhi chus

If You Had A Camera What Would You Shoot

Certainly not beggars
eyesores hurting the landscape
of our beloved city a city of repute
who really has time to shoot agony
of these roadside destitute lepers
one eyed , blind deaf crippled mute
with the camera shoot beautiful nature
sunset sunrise birds insects children
chubby cute .. let it be a formidable
world photography day tribute ,

let photography make you artistic astute
Louis Daguerre honor salute ...to those
who died photographers photo journalists
in the line of duty  let us remember ..
a thought resolute it is the photographer
not the the camera that policemen
persecute ,,,do not be afraid just go
out and shoot ,,, values of humility
humanity wont be found in camera clubs
or photographic institutes ,,selling their
wares on the soul of imagery like street
prostitutes ..emptiness of mind soul contribute

The Muslim Beggar That God Forgot

god is busy in gaza
where a battle for the
weapons of mass
is being fought
part of imperialistic
hegemony of super
powers where innocent
children are being
slaughtered like goats
young pimpled Israeli
soldiers sabras counting
their wild oats ,,

while in India the Muslim beggar
dies unsung ,,wicked time
his destiny smote on the flip side
of this picture hurriedly a poem
in oxymoron haste i wrote,,

when you are drowning you
search for a straw that will
keep your inner angst afloat