Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chadiyan Walk Delhi To Ajmer Amer Fort 12 A Shot By Firoze Shakir

Azan Jo Karti Hai Hamare Sonu Nigam ji ko Pareshan Jai Bharat Jai Hindus...

Please stop trolling Mr Sonu Nigam

It was too much cola and rum

Wrong PR suggestion to bring alive

his career he got enough kicks on

his pompous pedantic bum

he has moved away from

the cacophony of his musical

background reverberating drums

he will never in his life forget

the soothing strains of the Azan

from the Mosque in the neighboring

slums ....his heart was willing but

his commercial soul went numb

please dont blame him for being

Deafer Duffer And Dumb..

Loudspeakers should be banned

All over India make it rule of Thumb

Ali Dam Ali Dam Ali Dam