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“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

i am on google+ in a school bus

please dont feel sorry for me i live my life beautifully sane without facebook

all my blogs are cooked in the cosmic stove of my head before served on Google+platter

my mind is a smithy too..words i create to make poems for you

Azad Hussain my silversmith..

Azad Hussain my silversmith..

the sleepy bandra bazar road .. backdrop of the poetry of my blogs

the story of a jihad .. that has bombed her life and her childs life too..

The Muslim Beggar Woman.. Knows I Wont Shoot Her Pictures Without Paying Her

bandra bazar has become a tourist attraction because of my blogs on garbage porn

the idiot of illusions

the gutter is one of the chosen destination of man...once he hits the bottle he flows into it..

a miserly coin and says society now hijra fuck off

my inner conscience asked me when will i stop shooting hijras ..i replied when they become a part of humanity ..

The Silence of the Eunuch

The Silence of the Eunuch, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. She has to ward of other hijras who try to usurp her beat where she begs at the traffic signal..but she is tough and has been at the Turner Road traffic signal for a very long time .. she has seen a lot, the urchins the beggar kids her main competition have all gone but this eunuch has outlived all of them..

She is very respectful towards me and we both are gurus in our own fields.. she is the guru of younger hijras novice she teaches trains and they disappear soon after because begging is lowly and there is no future.. the future is as a hijra prostitute , bar dancer provided the hijra is pretty , attractive and is willing to open her legs to put it mildly..

However the real hijras consider these eunuchs impostors and are not part of the hijra tradition or culture or parampara.

Now even women dress up as hijras to make money gesticulating and clapping their hands , they run away when they see me..I am their ne…

manu kashmiri and the original google+kid

manu kashmiri gets the taste of grand parenthood

manu kashmiri is her grand pa too..

manu kashmiri is her grand pa too.., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. sometimes love is thicker than blood

i dont use photo shop...adjustments layers re sizing wont help their fucked life anyway

the cosmic wheel of fortune was created for the rich only..the poor can go fuck themselves

The Pride of the Dabbawala Lies In His Humility

he is going to uttar pradesh with a hope he could buy behenjis junk statues and elephants

killing lice is another great indian poor woman time pass

luckily as a blogger we wont end up as used newspapers in a scrap yard we are readable junk on the internet

sleep is rehearsal of death...with a hope that keeps you alive

this beggar poet gambled lost everything at the altar of fucked love

Pictures Shot on Canon EOS 7D