Monday, October 15, 2012

Massive Fire At Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation 15 October 2012

A Lady Who Lost Everything Told Me To Report This Honestly

Simply because when there is a fire in Muslim localities media hardly notices it unless it is very huge like Garib Nagar or Behrampada .. I shot both those fires and as a blogger I hate shooting disasters .. I also shot the fire at the the Bohra Badri Mosque Bandra Bazar Road.

Shooting disasters is very painful and hits the guts ..and we can do anything as the cops the local bhais hardly allow you to come in , and the other reason is robbers thieves looters volunteer to help to rob the belongings of the people...

And as this was very close to my house I shot and when I reached the spot the fire had been bought under control , but 7 fire brigades were required and over 20 shanties had been gutted completely .. a shanty above a shanty a shanty within a shanty..

I am a picture story telling guy .. and typing words with a single finger is pretty tough.. so I make do with pictures without text ..

Massive Fire At Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation 15 October 2012

We Lost Everything .. Fire At Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation

Massive Fire At Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation 15 October 2012

Massive Fire At Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation 15 October 2012

Massive Fire At Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation 15 October 2012

Massive Fire At Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation .. 15 October 2012

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Just come back from shooting a fire in the slums at Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation, it was allegedly caused by short circuit ..MLA Baba Siddiqui was there ..the fire was bought under control by 7 fire brigades from Bandra ..and no casualty , a child was burnt they said , 20 tenements or jhopdas gutted , but the saddest was a lady whose daughter is to get married in 3 days she lost everything..I normally dont shoot disasters but this was close to my house so I shot it ..Ex Corporator Rahebar Khan too was helping the people and in getting the fire under control,,, but in cases such as these those that that did not lose their house in the fire will get themselves listed depriving those that lost everything.. paisa phek tamasha dekh.. posting pictures of pain remorse and worldly despair ..

The Barbers at Banganga on Pitru Paksh.. 2012

Shaving The Mystical Indian Armpit

Please note this poem is a satire ..that I have knit

love to scratch
their private parts
dig their nose
eat pan love
to spit but
in train travel
what remains
forever is
the musky
of the quintessential
indian armpit
indians love
to pee standing
facebook like
walls indians
show their
attitude through
their naked
on the streets
street corners
on the soul
of ignominy
they love to shit
but in spite
of all civic
indians uneducated
angootha chap
become millionaires
to wit ..political czars
every bit ...
sucking the blood
of the common man
like bed bugs
they wont die
even with FLIT
or HIT

Religious Tonsure on Pitru Paksh at Walkeshwar

Marriages ..Even The Second Time Are Made In Heaven And Solemnized On Earth

Pitru Paksh At Banganga Walkeshwar ..2012

This morning barefeet I took a train to Grant Road a share a cab to Walkeshwar to shoot Pitru Paksh ..At Banganga .. I shot from 7 am till 9.30 am.. My tribute and my documentary Hope and Hindutva A message of Peace Harmony Humanity ..And this time less fish will die as Mrs Jyotsana Mehta Corporator was leading from the front too see that the waters are not choked with the puja leaves ...and a symbolic ritual touch the leaves in the waters and place it in special containers .. The Banganga tank looked clean neat and the makeshift boats rafts kept removing the leaves ..I have been shooting Pitru Paksh since 2005 onwards..

The sadhu in the picture sits outside a temple at Banganga and I salute him with a Jai Shree Ram and I shoot his pictures ..I have been shooting him since the time I started shooting Pitru Paksh or Pitru Visarjan, where the North Indians from Uttar Pradesh .. migrants locals too come to pay tribute to their departed ancestors.

The people selling the puja ingredients are all Maharashtrian ladies .. young girls and boys..

This time as mentioned above the Banganga tank was less cluttered with the puja leaves ..thanks to the efforts of the authorities and Lodha Builders too..

My photo documentary of Piru Paksh begins with the shooting of the barbers , the North Indians get their heads tonsured and this place has the largest number of barbers and bald people .

There were a few Bandra barbers too ..street barbers whom I shoot in my area..and while returning home one of the barbers a Muslim guy traveled with me, he looks like a Muslim too and was telling me that most of the hardcore Brahmins dont use his services but the younger ones have no issue I asked him why he came , his reply was understandable he gets good money ..though what he charges them is what he charges in Bandra Rs 50 a haircut.

However as I shoot barbers and this part of the tonsure will be added to my set called Barberisms at

The light was good I was early and I shot from a friends boat too .. these were good close shots I carried my Canon EOS 7D .. there weren't many photographers just photojournalist Bipin Kokate of Midday Group.

I came back by train..and this is a long series ..

At the Banganga I also shot pictures of a Swami Smarth puja in progress ..
One thing I like here is that almost everyone knows me and people go out of their way to get me good pictures ..especially the local resident volunteers of Banganga.

And as a good omen I shot a hijra too begging at the temple near the banks and hordes of beggars that the North Indians feed or give alms appease the soul of their departed forefathers.

This Noble Soul Told Me Firoze Death Is The Beginning of Life

And he died to prove a point...

"Atithi Devo Bhava

Ma Phir Se Kasai Ki Kahani Sunao Na

The Common Man s Ass has been fucked by this meter

this poet sees the world differently as a photographer

This time the common man has been taken for an an expensive ride ..

The Crab Waits ...

The Hijras World Is Dark Drab And Doomed

Man Made Women Called Hijras ..I Shoot

broken branches
barren fruits
withered soul
depleted roots
a pain i capture
as a silhouette
tonally mute
husky musky
not at all cute
dancing girls
street prostitutes
powdered faces
beneath the surface
dust and soot
the horny traveler
comes and loots
sexually transgressed
poor destitute

My hijra poems , my hijra blogs major bulk of my hijra documentary is not for public view ..

Nerjis Asif Shakir Is Internet Savvy 14 Month Old Geek

she shoots
pictures uses
the i pad
facebook freak
mild and meek
chubby cheeks
mumbles jumbles
words she speaks
from her parents
room into my room
she sneaks
the soul of my poetry
from its highest peak