Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lucky Hotel Safar Ali Bhai

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One of the owners of Lucky Hotel Bandra Safar Ali Bhai is a Maulaiee a devoted Shia and humility Iranian but a pucca Indian Safar Ali Bhai is mostly at the mosque during prayer time and walks from his hotel and back from the Shia Mosque at Bandra Bazar.

A very gracious human being absolutely polite I salute him and spent some time chatting with him at his hotel.

Two Street Photographers of Mumbai

Marziya's Lesson In Charity

Teaching a 3 Year Old Child To Shoot Pain Without a Camera

Marziya my grand daughter shoots the streets with my nikon d 80

Muslim Society Creates Beggars ..For The Greater Good of Mankind

Marziyas World

The Painted Clown in Pain

Garib Nagar Who Lit The Pyre The Mystery In a Shroud of Deceit..

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the homeless
will continue
living out their
lives starting
from scratch
if i may say so
the crime branch
will try to find
out the cause
as time flows
houses make
shift tents
rows and rows
from the ashes
the dying spirit
of a people arose
pain like weeds
on the soul of our
beloved city grows
who lit the fire
someone knows
a supari a contract
a hypothetical
poetic and prose
adding to misery
the peoples woes
sometimes your best
friends can be your
worst enemies
your foes
to the path
god chose
when the rains come
some more fateful blows
who cares if the child begs
for him his school a chapter closed

pictures of pain poetized by a barefeet blogger firoze

The Four Bungalow Andheri Fish Market On The Road

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Nothing has done to rehabilitate them to better surroundings they will be there for another 100 years hopefully..but in a way they are much better off than the Bandra Bazar Fish market the filthiest ugliest in the world.

We Have A Government That Takes Care Of Its Own In The Time of Their Need

If Only All The Scams Could Have Made His Life Better ...

My Camera Should Not Be Held Responsible For Why I Shoot What I Shoot

Shot By Sundar Vetkar Camera Doctor Fort Mumbai

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Sundar Vetkar has a camera clinic beneath the stairs and only 3 people can be accommodated at any given time including the client his assistant and himself. and this is prime space in Fort Mumbai.. off Bora Bazar .

When my camera gives me trouble I give it to him , and he charges me a very nominal amount from what is charged in the market the reason he says in his words ..Firozebhai your camera is a healing tool you shoot humanity I cant charge you , you dont make money through your can I charge you.

I force money into his refusing hands I dont want to dent my self respect or his.

So there are good people in the camera trade and there are others who rape you in the name of friendship with your clothes on.. and the one I am referring to knows this already I have stopped going to his shop completely.

Poets Are Born From The Womb of Pain Before The Are Aborted In Midflight

The Only Thing That Saves Us From Misgovernance is the Judiciary

If Uttar Pradesh Could Create a Mumbai From Its Ribs He Would Have Not Come To Maharashtra

He Is Lucky Selling Chickoos Than Building Statues of Living Saints In His Home State

Mera Photo Nahi Lene Ka..

Removing Evil From A Mans Mind Through The Ears

Why We Lick Ass Of White People Still Beats Me As A Poet And a Beggar Myself

If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride

The Jewel in The Crown of Indian Railways ..The Hijras

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without the hijras on the trains
train travel would be such a bore
they add color to dull surroundings
clapping their hands some more
you certainly cannot escape them
they are part of your karmic journey
pay them before you hit the floor
if they were given jobs in the railways
as ticket collectors railway cops
i think there would be less corruption
a thought for mamtaji honor dignity
to the railways the hijras would restore
but than on another level if the hijras
ran this country scams would be
shown the door progress peace
golden times like never before
we would not be raped sodomized
by a system as we snore
no CWG no 2G spectrum
no adarsh no other bilious
monstrosity peace prosperity
good rapport utopian poetic
a possibility we must
certainly not ignore

The Homeless of Garib Nagar are at the Mercy of the Government and God

The Homeless of Garib Nagar are at the Mercy of the Government and God