Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shooting the Streets of Despair

life and death
both peas in a pod
unusual pair
the streets of despair
life can be cruel
only death can be fair
every ,moment
int the eyes of
death we stare
our flaws our faults
our failures we bare
caught in a fucked
karmic snare
we pretend to live
we swear
cursing our fate
a lovely dream
waking up
to a night mare

dedicated to
Gabriela Fernanda Brusasco

Facebook Friend
a friendship that we share

He Blows His Nose On The Degradation of Life

This is what I shoot and this is what I see with a single eye that houses the soul of my camera vision.

Read it the way you like , or dont read it at all this picture requires no text at all.

The Dabbawalas at Bandra Station West

The Dabbawalas are another community I like to shoot very polite humble people but I was shocked to meet a very abusive one who supplies tiffin in the compound where I have my work place.

I shoot the Dabbawala as they are the lucky mascot of our city and without them the soul of Mumbai would stop ticking.

They supply food and are always on time ..

Dabbawalas of Amchi Mumbai

Jesus Bless Our Ways

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the soul of the driver
in this dream car prays
each time hopes he comes
home safely where he stays
he drives carefully
afraid to knock down kids
in the area where they play
gully cricket as always
so actually it is not the driver
but jesus at the steering wheel
some say even truant
rickshas bribing cops
that keep out of his way
a little street poem
dedicated to an artistic
loving human being
kelly rae

The Most Important Part of a Childs Life

We all shoot pictures , as we see them first with our eyes and than magnified through our camera vision.

I shot this fast because Tom and Jerry are the two best friends of my grand daughter Marziya, she is a child hooked on Cartoon Network and You Tube..

You Tube is her instruction manual for life as poetry.. she will wait for me to play her favorite nursery rhymes.

At 2 and a half years she tells me Grand Pa put YouTube..

Her favorite nowadays is the Clinic commercial Chulbuli.

So I shot this child and added text to a vacuous moment of a street scene.

I shot a moment as I saw it and they are million moments vying for attention and I have selectively as a poet shot a few and bought it at your door step.

Street Photography is what keeps my camera alive not allowing it to rust , I am sorry I cant shoot what you shoot I dont have your vision.

Last evening near my workplace I saw a man asleep , I dont know if he was a drunk, or drugged but I kept shooting several frames as people touched him with their shoes and walked by.. I was shooting Humanity one that was asleep the other awake.

People wondered why I was shooting this but such is life , through the camera lens you see truth as it exists raw bare and vulnerable.

So street photography is shooting realism, shooting bare necessities of life on the mean streets of your town or city.

For me this is poetry shooting man on the street.

I have come across men drunk naked on the street but did not shoot them , knowing well that Flickr where I post all my stuff with its robotic inhuman censorious mind would label it porn..and I dont want to shadow box with the Devils advocate Terence.

So I shoot simple pictures simple situations I enjoy aesthetic nudes women and they inspire me no less .

My heart goes out to Kelly Rae who is a great photographer , intuitive cultured , and I dont know why she wants to delete her Flickr account , I have requested her not too.

I hate any good photographer leaving Flickr or Facebook..

Good photographers are good ambassadors of a web site and add to its popularity..but free membership on Flickr and a Nelsons eye to pornographers has made my life miserable on Flickr too..

People who dont read my Flickr profile and add me as one side contacts with the dirtiest and filthiest pictures on their photo stream and among their favorites , I have nothing against what you like or what you shoot but dont make me swallow what I dont like.

I have blocked over 375 people at Flickr for this particular reason.

I think Flickr management should take this issue seriously it is a malady that touches everyone instead of going after creative photographers with a biased attitude.

And I promote both Flickr and Facebook..

With 14250 links on Facebook about 80% are Flickr links.

Yes I pimp my Flickr blogs at Facebook and Twitter too.

I know a lot of good people have joined Flickr because of me.

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

Jesus watches from across
wonders why his people
in Europe make such an issue
about a woman's garment
that is part of her religious ethos
starkness instead of gloss
is it a garment of terror
causing misery or bodily loss
an effect over riding a cause
a religious symbol like the cross
its time he thinks racist minds
should give a pause check
their back yards for more flaws
bad governance in their countries
time they came up with better laws
laws that are human holistically
healing not racist harmful and gross

I Paint With Cosmic Light .. The Soul Of The Hijra

I dont live with hijras but I get hijras to shoot by divine intervention..the hijra stalks my soul as I stalk his soul with the holistic healing power of my camera lens.

This was my first meeting with Simran Dancer and her performing hijra friends..

After this meeting God threw us together at Ajmer and at Madh Island and Haji Malang.

She calls me whenever her friends want to see her pictures on my Flickr photo stream or at my Hijdaeunuch blogs on Wordpress.

I have a lot of respect for her gender and her fight to live the life of a hijra with dignity.

This was shot a long time back, she has changed and is more beautiful now than when this picture was taken.

Simran Dancer

This is my first encounter with Simran Dancer at a friends party.

Simran is a transgender danseuse .

Than we kept on meeting , and she invited me to her birthday party..

Simran is an educated cultured transgender highly respected in the hijra community..

The Hijda Mans Gift To God

Man gave God the Hijra

An enigma that God left it to man to recreate from his restless angst his feminine side

Marna Yahan Gina Yahan

I met Gina again at Simran dancers birthday party and in my entire life shooting hijras for over 8 years I have not seen any hijra dance the way Gina does , Gina is an acrobatic dancer her body is weightless , and her body has all the packs you wont find on an adult male.

Gina is polite charming cultured and stays to herself.

I have not met her since than.

And this was shot a few years back at a friends party.. I am updating this text less photo today..

My toast to Gina..

Gina The Hijra Dancing Diva

as you watch her
your soul dances too
your body on fever
you cant hold her
nor can you leave her
gina the hijra
dancing diva
captured by a camera lens
the omnipotent eye of shiva

Dil Cheez Kya Hai Ap Meri Jan Lijiye

bas ek bar hijde ko pehchan lijye

The Hijra Was Born With Trinkets On His Dainty Feet

god was worried
he saw that the
hijra was born
with trinkets
on his dainty feet
he created man
man burst forth
as a hijra from a
hybrid seed
through dance
the hijra his angst
his extinguished
hope began to plead
he had a stomah
a mouth to feed
in a garden of god
made flowers
he stuck out
like a weed
yet through
his androgynous
charm other hijras
without a womb
god helped him breed
hijra also
mans protective shield
hidden yet unconcealed
a karmic wheel within a wheel
like an onion a peel beneath a peel
his fate surrendered his destiny
sealed a an enigma a woman's soul
man as hijra to the world revealed

Cross Dressing the Soul of Man

both born in captivity
men dressed as women
eclectic electricity
passionate pretty
gorgeous smart
sexually witty
they seek love
more than pity
toast of gay
mumbai city

dedicated to
Ydalia De Famiglietti